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How Your Sex Drive Changes During Pregnancy

If you've noticed some changes in your desire to get it on since you became pregnant, you're not alone. Many women experience a fluctuation in libido during pregnancy, and may notice a pattern in the peaks and valleys. So does your sex drive change during the trimesters? The need to get busy seems to come and go with each one. If your womanly lust scale tips back and forth over the next night months, don't worry too much, it's totally normal.

As your body experiences the ebb and flow of hormones, your sex drive follows suit. As the website for What To Expect pointed out, pregnancy hormones increase breast sensitivity and send extra blood to your lady parts, which makes it pretty darn easy for a gal to feel turned on. But even with all the extra emphasis in all the right places, the other symptoms that come with pregnancy (and change with each trimester) can make you feel less like having sex than ever before.

It's possible you find it hard to be motivated to get any action during the first trimester. Along with the promise of extra tingles during sex, the first trimester is known for nausea and exhaustion as well, according to Healthline's website. Add these two downsides together and chance to take a long nap sounds more appealing than any proposition to jump between the sheets.

However, as the first trimester fog lifts and you cruise into the second, you'll notice some pleasant surprises. This is when your energy returns and you start to feel like your self again, as Babble pointed out. And remember those hormones? Well all the upsides they bring can kick your sex drive into high gear now that you're not stopping every hour to barf up your breakfast. According to Fit Pregnancy magazine, some women experience the most intense orgasms of their life while pregnant because of increased sensitivity to touch in the right places. High-five second trimester, you're a keeper.

But with one final stretch of pregnancy left, what becomes of your libido when you hit the final phase? By the third trimester, it's a coin flip if your hunger for action will stay or go, but either way, you'll need to take a few precautions if you want a romp. For starters, you'll need to get in the right position — literally. Missionary position is off the table for women in their third trimester because it's best to stay off of your back, Parents magazine explained. Additionally, you'll want to make sure you avoid sex if you have a pregnancy condition that makes sex unsafe. According to Baby Center, if you have issues with your placenta, cervical insufficiency, or vaginal bleeding, it's best to avoid intercourse in the third trimester.

Although your needs may change throughout your pregnancy, you can still enjoy being intimate with your partner in many ways. Cuddling, making out, and romantic dates are all ways to connect when you don't feel like having sex.