"Doll In The Hall" Is The Creepiest Halloween Tradition For Families This Year

Christmas is so special, thanks in part to the family traditions, like Elf on a Shelf, which makes kids (and parents) excited for the holiday. But this Halloween, parents should try to introduce a new, spooky, tradition — Doll in the Hall — into their home. Seriously, "Doll in the Hall" will scare kids and send Elf on a Shelf running for his life if he ever got a glimpse of it — it's spooky and a great way to ring in the best holiday of the year.

This Halloween, parents are partaking in a new, super scary tradition, according to CaféMom, called Doll in the Hall. The tradition is pretty self explanatory. Parents are taking creepy dolls and placing them in the halls (or rooms) of their homes, according to CaféMom.

Facebook user, mom, and reported inventor of this tradition, Natasha Hudarovich explained it best — you take a creepy porcelain doll (one that your kids already believe is haunted) and "keep secretly moving it around the house" each day until Halloween is over. Sure, it's scary, but that's what makes it fun, right?

Parents who really want to scare their kids, like Hudarovich, can "put the doll right in bed with one of the kids" whenever they throw it away. This is one family tradition that is going to last — whether the kids like it or not.

And it sounds like her kids don't like it. "It's day three and they want to move," Hudarovich wrote in her Facebook post.

Hudarovich's brilliant idea has stemmed into a public Facebook page, appropriately titled "Doll in the Hall." With this page, Hudarovich has been updating her followers on the creepy doll's hijinks, posting the new location of the doll in her home with each and every day. Although her idea is both kooky and spooky, it might have also messed with her kid's heads — they have no idea what is going on, which makes this tradition even funnier for parents.

"The kids are problem solvers, and they're treating this like a mystery movie," Hudarovich wrote on the Facebook page. "She's trying to figure out why the doll is here and how they can make her leave."

Like Elf on the Shelf, "Doll in the Hall" is placed different spots throughout the home during the month of a holiday. While Elf on the Shelf prefers getting into their hijinks leading up until Christmas, Doll in the Hall is perfectly suited for Halloween. Elf on the Shelf is meant to keep track of kids' behavior in the days leading up until Christmas — returning to the North Pole to tell Santa if kids have been naughty or nice, according to HuffPost. The elf serves as a daily reminder for them to behave so Santa knows to deliver them presents.

However, it isn't exactly clear what purpose Doll in the Hall serves — other than to scare kids, confuse them, and keep them anticipating where the doll will show up. But parents can easily skew this tradition to their liking and warn kids that they won't get as much Halloween candy if they're not on their best behavior for the Doll in the Hall.

That sounds like the perfect way to keep kids in line around Halloween time while keeping in the spooky theme of the holiday.

So what do parents need to recreate this tradition themselves? One antique doll — the older and creepier, the better. And if your kids have never seen the doll before in their lives, this also works even better. Dolls like these can be purchased at thrift stores, antique stores, or even online. If parents prefer something new, Amazon sells very creepy dolls for around $20 (with free shipping on Amazon prime, which is even better).

Although Doll in the Hall might seem a little scary, it's the perfect way of keeping the spirit of Halloween alive (and perplexing kids) throughout the month of October.