Donald Trump Commits To The Republican Party During The GOP Debate, But People Are Still Skeptical

During the final GOP Debate of 2015, Donald Trump was, as usual, boisterous and unapologetic. After defending his controversial comments concerning Muslim Americans, his plan to build a great wall, and his hope of shutting down the internet, Trump committed to the Republican party, saying that we wouldn't run for President as an Independent.

When asked out his political future, Trump reiterated that he had no intention of running as an Independent if he didn't secure the Republican presidential nomination, and would do whatever he could to "beat Hillary."

I am totally committed to the Republican Party.

This new-found loyalty to the Republican Party is a far cry from the comments Trump has made in the past. In November, Donald claimed he would be open to running for President as an Independent if he believed the Republicans weren't treating him "fairly."

True to form, the Internet was skeptical, witty and quick to voice their reactions.

So, is Donald Trump serious about staying committed to the Republican Party, or will a future Independent ticket be in his future if he deems his current party "unfair"? I say, no matter what, don't hold your breath one way or the other.

Images: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images