Donald Trump Is Spending Millions On TV Ads, But You Can Block Him On The Web With This Google Chrome Plugin

Donald Trump has consistently made headlines during the 2016 presidential campaign thus far, thanks to his often-controversial comments, and his incredibly polarizing views. But one place we haven’t seen him much? Television commercials. Political ads on TV are always a big deal during campaigns, but so far The Donald has shied away from investing heavily in them — until now. Trump will spend $2 million on TV ads per week (minimum!), to help his campaign, according to CBS News.

Prior to a rally in Iowa on Tuesday, Trump spoke about his decision to reporters, according to CBS:

I'll be spending a minimum of $2 million dollars a week -— and perhaps substantially more than that. I'm going to be doing big ads in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and they're going to be very substantial. And I think they're very well done.

Despite the major investment, Trump insisted he doesn’t actually need to be spending such a big amount on ads, but more so that he wants to cover all his bases to secure his win, according to The Guardian:

I don’t think I need to spend anything. And I’m very proud of the fact that I’ve spent the least and achieved the best result. I feel I should spend. And honestly I don’t want to take any chances.

Trump also took a shot at rival Jeb Bush, who so far has spent a whopping $40 million on his campaign, and yet is still showing single-digit support percentages in the polls. "He hasn't spent $40 million,” Trump said about Bush, according to CBS News. “He's wasted $40 million. There's a big difference."

But even though Trump is planning on spending in a major way moving forward, the Associated Press noted that, in general, he has been extremely frugal up until now. And although he has often praised his own decision to self-fund his campaign, he’s actually spent very little of his own money, with “the vast majority of what he's spent so far [coming] from donors across the country sending checks or purchasing merchandise from his website.”

But while there may not be a way to avoid the impending onslaught of televisions ads that Trump said will be coming our way soon (other than, uh, not watching commercials), the good news is that there is a way to avoid reading about him on the internet (where, let’s face it, Trump news is pretty much inescapable).

Politico reported that “Trump Filter,” a Google Chrome extension created by Rob Spectre, will “search websites users visit and [strip] out any mentions of the Republican presidential candidate, claiming to scrub Trump ‘from all your web browsing without leaving the Internet.’” Spectre insists he’s not making money off the venture, but that he’s “doing this out of a profound sense of annoyance and patriotic duty.” (Fair enough!)

But brilliant as it may be, "Trump Filter" isn’t actually the only option to alter your Donald Trump-related browsing experience on Google Chrome. According to Politico, you can also install the “Trump2Voldemort” extension, which changes all references to Trump to those of He Who Must Not Be Named. Looking for a way to cut down on Trump-related Facebook posts? Visiting will give you a list of all of your Facebook friends who support the GOP front-runner, allowing you the option to unfollow them if you so choose.

Love him or hate him, it looks like we’ll be seeing even more of Donald Trump very soon. Unless you’re on Google Chrome, that is.

Images: Scott Olsen/Getty Images News