Donald Trump Released His First TV Campaign Ad & Here Are The The 4 Most Totally Predictable Moments

Candidates are making their way onto the small screen as the road to the presidency heats up, especially for the still-populous Republican field. While candidates are still arguing over Donald Trump — Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush blamed President Barack Obama for Trump’s rise to fame and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said Trump isn’t the “cause of radical jihadists” — the Republican frontrunner is making big moves. On Monday, Trump’s first campaign ad hit TV. And boy, oh boy, is it a doozy of all sorts. The most eye roll-worthy moments from Trump's first TV ad will make anyone disappointed that such a large percentage of the country is actually supporting him.

With Iowa and New Hampshire presidential primaries slated for Feb. 1 and Feb. 9, respectively, this newest ad makes it clear that Trump is all too ready to “Make America Great Again.” Mainly, the presidential hopeful doubled down on anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican statements that had polarized many — including some in his own party. Earlier today, Bush, one of Trump's biggest rivals also announced his upcoming TV ad, which outlined his strategy against ISIS, according to TIME. And between the ominous music and montage of exploding infrastructure, it’s clear he is trying to one-up Trump. But can he?

According to Variety, Trump has pledged to spend $2 million dollars a week on advertisements leading up to the first two primaries. Whether or not it was money well spent, it’s undeniable that the commercials will probably be unforgettable. Though it will be difficult to remember that they are not skits from Saturday Night Live.

But before clicking “play,” you’ll probably be best off knowing what you can expect from Trump. Here are the four most outrageous moments from Trump’s first campaign TV ad.

The Part When He Said He'll "Cut The Head Off ISIS"

To the distress of some, Trump refuses to stop talking about Muslims and ISIS, frequently conflating the two. After flashing the photos of San Bernardino shooters, Trump pledges — like a modern day Medusa or something — he will “cut the head off of ISIS.” He doesn't give any explanation for how — minus his promise to ban Muslims from immigrating. Just trust him to do it.

Oh, and there are aerial shots with crosshairs used for sharp shooting just to drive home Trump's point about...well, it's unclear what his point is.

...But Not Before He "Takes Their Oil"

I had to replay this part several times. But yes, I heard correctly: The Don wants the oil, and he’ll swipe it before he eviscerates the terrorist group. Trump has never tried to hide his obsession with oil in the Middle East. He told CNN in August that the U.S. should re-invade Iraq and Syria, take their oil, and have troops guard it from ISIS. (Trump previous said he would use this oilthe same oil to help wounded soldiers, though it's not clear how, and he didn't mention that in his TV ad.) But Trump fails to mention two important things: Why is this a good idea? And, again, how?

And That Mexican Border? Good As Closed

If there’s something Trump has no time for, it’s nuance and tact. And how he took on undocumented Mexican immigrants is no exception. In a Trump America, not only will the U.S. build a wall to end all walls along the U.S.-Mexico border, but Mexico will be footing the bill. Yes, this is all said in this campaign ad.

Muslim Immigration Is A No-Go — Until We “Figure Out What’s Going On”

His words, not mine.

The ad starts out with a gotcha!-style photo of Obama standing beside Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, and it only gets more Trump-y from there. The 30-second cinematic, um...experience, didn't veer away from Trump's typical talking points or style of leaving many unanswered questions.

Images: Entertainment News Gaming/YouTube