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Donald Trump Uses 'Bigly' At The Presidential Debate & The Internet Is Having a Field Day

The first presidential debate took place Monday night, and while we were all waiting — drink in hand, hopefully — to hear what comments would come out of each presidential candidates, one thing we couldn't count on was Donald Trump using the word "bigly" during the first debate. Or so it seemed. The fast-talking businessman was speaking so quickly during his time behind the podium that it sounded like he said the word "bigly," while he was actually saying "big league." Of course, it doesn't really matter what he was saying, all that matters is how the internet heard it.

During the debate, Trump was attempting to say "big league." You know, the sports term, or something like that. I guess you could consider this an arena of sorts — there's two teams going at each other, and almost right off the bat, things got ugly. There was yelling, tantrums, name calling, and threats. So, yes. This presidential debate is an arena. But, that's really not the point right now. The point is, the wonderful world wide web heard Donald J. Trump use the word "bigly", not the words "big league." Even if that's not what he said, it's still pretty funny to see the word take the internet by storm.

Of course, people immediately questioned what they heard. There's no way that the word "bigly" came out of his mouth, right? (Spoiler alert: "bigly" isn't a word) Well, if you listen closely, some say you can hear the "-gue" part of "league", but once again, what fun is that?

To be fair, the debate is a high-pressure time. The adrenaline is flowing, words are flying out of both Trump and Clinton's mouth, and sometimes slip-ups happen. It's not hard to misspeak or slur a word. Annunciating is key, if you don't want to become a meme, however, which is what is happening to Trump. Is this something that you should probably chuckle at and then move on? Yes, because a man slipping up on a word isn't the reason he shouldn't win the presidency. The issues are far more important in a time like this, and those are the real things we should be judging both candidates on during this debate.

But, in between fact-checking and researching... let's all get a few more laughs out of "bigly", shall we? If you missed the opportunity, don't worry. I'm sure late night television is going to have a field day with the slip-up.