Donald Trump's Swastika Tweet Featuring Jeb Bush Might Actually Be The Worst Thing He's Ever Tweeted (& That's Saying A Lot)

by Jenn Rose

What in the world is going on with Donald Trump’s campaign? The Republican presidential hopeful is known for tweeting and retweeting some pretty ridiculous stuff, but he reached a new low Tuesday when Trump tweeted a picture of Jeb Bush with a swastika. That's right, he retweeted an image of Prescott, George H.W, George W., and Jeb Bush alongside a Nazi flag with the caption "ADIOS, JEB aka JOSÉ." The tweet also featured a Photoshopped image of Bush as Forrest Gump and a cartoon image of Bush dressed as a mariachi. The tweet has since been deleted.

Look, it's pretty clear that Trump surrounds himself with yes-men and never thinks twice before saying or doing anything (proof: that hair), but someone really needs to take over his social media accounts, like, yesterday. Not only does he often post his own ridiculously offensive thoughts, but apparently, he'll retweet anything he's tagged in without proofreading it first. Trump's campaign claims that he "had not seen the accompanying image" when he retweeted (surrre), but did he even read the text? "ADIOS, JEB aka JOSÉ" is, um, not that politically correct, either. The "José" barb, as well as the mariachi cartoon, appear to reference the fact that Bush's wife, Columba, is Mexican-American, which, according to Trump's supporters, is the worst thing someone could possibly be, I guess? 

But this is far from the first time Trump’s offended people on social media. The real estate mogul's  anti-just-about-everyone opinions are well known, and he’s certainly not shy about sharing them. Let’s take a walk down the memory lane that is Trump’s Twitter history, shall we?

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Trump on Rape

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Trump on R-Patz and K-Stew??

Truly, no one is safe from Trump's commentary. So who will he offend on Twitter next? Bernie Sanders? Justin Bieber? Maybe even me? Can’t wait.

Image: Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images