Donald Trump's "Temperament" Comment Was The Funniest Of The First Presidential Debate

During the first presidential debate on Monday night, Donald Trump said that he has much better judgment than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but, of course, the didn't give any evidence or reason for it. Then, he went even further (like he does), and said that he has a much better temperament than Clinton does. Donald Trump's temperament comment was the funniest of the first debate, and the only thing that might have been funnier was Clinton's smile in response.

It was a particularly hilarious moment because Trump spent many moments in the debate trying to interrupt Clinton or saying things like "No" or "Nope" while she was speaking, making it clear that he was struggling to keep his composure during the debate. He somehow kept his facial expressions relatively subdued, but he couldn't manage to fight facts with facts. Instead, he often fought facts with "Well, that isn't true!" when Clinton said that he supported the war in Iraq, or "I'll release my tax returns when you release your emails," even though the two have nothing to do with each other and the former is required of presidential candidates.

And, though Trump was calm relative to the way he has previously responded to opponents (for example, when he retweeted a photo of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's wife), his temperament still wasn't something he should brag about, which is why the moment at the debate was so funny. Here's the moment on video:

Responses to his comment make it clear that Trump isn't known for his class, winning temperament, or kindness when dealing with opponents.

By far, the best tweet in response to Trump's temperament comment shows that "temperament" and anything about it (at least in a positive way) is actually the antithesis of Trump's being. Fact checking Trump's temperament comment would literally only require using his name.

Even celebs like Elizabeth Banks chimed in, because how can you resist the bait that is Trump saying "I have a great temperament"?

As many noted, the hilarious irony was also found in the fact that Trump repeatedly had to interrupt Lester Holt throughout the night and yell in order to assert himself. Yes, Trump has has a wonderful temperament, Trump says while also yelling and interrupting people.

One activist and writer also brilliantly pointed out the inherent sexism in Trump's statement that he has a better temperament than Clinton:

I mean, at least Trump is super aware of his best and worst qualities? Right...?