Collage of Donté Colley dancing, "do it!" text, and heart and star emojis
We Only Want Donte Colley's Heart Emojis This Valentine's Day

Whether you're in a relationship or single, expectations are too high when Valentine's Day rolls around. Everything is weighted with too much meaning, too much strong-arming from the gods of paper hearts, which is why the only Valentine you need this year is the outrageously and contagiously positive Canadian Instagram star Donte Colley.

Donté Colley is a force on YouTube, by way of simple, peppy dance-move videos littered with emojis that make you feel like you can walk on air, and he counts stars like Leslie Jones and Busy Phillips among his fans. By now, you may have been tagged by a friend on one of his Instagram posts — he has taken the internet by storm. His videos offer messages that might seem trite, were they not delivered by a twerking man in an unassuming apartment with an absolute hurricane of conviction. His affirming vids have been embraced by the youths, and now they're here for us, the people too busy pouring our love into little people and compromising our plans for world domination as we rush out to an early pickup to affirm ourselves.

By day, Colley is a student at the University of Guelph Humber; by night, he's the Valentine we all need. So it's time he storms the chambers of our love muscle, as well. (Not that love muscle, you perverts. The one in our chests.)

Here's why you need to either give or receive a good Colley video this Valentine's Day.


Donté is optimistic.

I don't know about you, but this Valentine's Day I just want to have someone reassure me that I've got it, I can do it, and I should "keep on doin you, doe!"

I'm not trying to hear that the restaurant I really want to eat at is booked solid on the day in question. I don't need to deal with the disappointment of receiving a store-bought card when I made my hubs one of those poster-sized love letters with a candy bar replacing every other word. What I need is positivity, and Donté is that. He believes in us. And isn't that the lift we really need on the day of love?


Donté is fun.

We're actually just looking for a good time this Valentine's Day. We want a partner who can get down on the dance floor while looking super fly. A dude who chops his love up into a bowl for his friends is icing on the cake. Donté probably doesn't ever fall asleep in front of Netflix. He wouldn't ignore us to scroll on his phone. He's too busy shaking that ass and shooting stars and hearts out of it. From looking at his Instagram, it's obvious that Donté is a man who gets around — he travels. To cornfields. Through his apartment's entryway. Sometimes to the warehouse at his place of work. But wherever he is, Donté is busting a move. So FUN.


Donté has the fiercest fashion sense.

I'm sorry. I can't come to the phone right now because I am deceased. Just look at this holiday ensemble from our truly. Donté takes fashion to another level, and that's what we want this V-Day. We're not about that mom or dad bod squished into yoga pants or cargo shorts. We want someone with all the bling. Someone who can rock a white T-shirt as easily as a rhinestone headdress. Neon tanks. Murses. Yas, queen.

Nobody said we have to be the cute one when we go out for Valentine's Day. We like a Valentine who puts us in our fashion place.

Finally and most important,


Donté accepts us exactly as we are.

Although Donté has very high standards for his own fashion, dance moves and overall level of extra-ness, he accepts us exactly as we are. We belong here. We complete this planet. Donté would never ask us to care about the mundane details of some video game, or tell us it's our turn to get off the couch and play with the kids. He loves us as we are. He wants us to eat that cereal for dinner. He is in full support of our dry shampoo habit. Especially to moms, this message of acceptance and encouragement really resonates.

That's right, gurl! We have been putting off our own dreams too damn long. It's time we live the dream for ourselves as well as our families, and some emojis flying out of our every crevices just add to the journey. Ultimately, Donté is about the power of loving yourself, which is a lesson we could all use on Valentine's Day and throughout the year. Donté Colley? You. Are. On. The. Right. Track.


UPDATE: The Valentine's Goods Are Here