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Dove & Zoom Want You & Your Mom To Talk All Weekend For Mother's Day

by Casey Suglia

Holidays right now might look a little different than usual, but Dove and Zoom are making Mother's Day so much better with an amazing offer: Unlimited calls, all weekend long. It's almost as good as being with all the moms in your life in person!

Dove and Zoom are partnering together to bring a little care into everyone's life — which is exactly what a lot of people could use right now. This weekend, Zoom users can enjoy unlimited video and voice calls in honor of Mother's Day on Sunday, May 10. The best news? Users will be able to enjoy this perk starting on Saturday at 7 a.m. EST, through Monday at 7 a.m. EST. This way, you can call your mom every single day for three days, if you choose.

All you'll need to do is sign up for a free Zoom account (if you haven't already), and make sure that your mom (or the mothers in your life that that you're calling this weekend) have the same. And that's it! Once you have your Zoom account, you can create a scheduled Zoom call for this weekend. This meeting will be password protected with a waiting room by default, according to Zoom, so no unwanted visitors can join. It's also important to note that you should never share the link to the meeting or the password on social media. Once you do complete these steps, you can relax — the normal time limit will automatically be lifted off of the Zoom call, so you can video chat your mom as long as you please.

You and your mom can get ready for the day, cook breakfast, watch a show, or enjoy a meal together without having to worry about running out of time. Or, you can do all of those things, thanks to Dove and Zoom.

If you've ever had to use Zoom for a work meeting or for school, then you know how annoying the time limit can be. One minute you're discussing something super important and then the next you're off of the call. But that won't be an issue this weekend. You'll have all the time in the world to hear about your mom's new blueberry muffin recipe that she's perfected while social distancing.

To learn more about this awesome gift, you can follow Dove and Zoom on Twitter. And you once you start your call, you can show off your Mother's Day celebration to all of your Twitter followers by tagging #ZoomWithMom and #CareIsBeautiful.