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Drake Cheesecake Factory Memes Are Hilarious Odes To His Line In "Child's Play"

We've all had more than a week to obsess over all the details of Beyoncé's Lemonade: Did Jay Z cheat? Who's Becky? What's up with Bey's dad? Now, it's time to move on to a new album, Drake's Views, and an even more pressing question: What's his deal with The Cheesecake Factory? The rapper name-checked the casual dining chain in "Child's Play" with the line "Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake?" and the world took notice. Now, the internet is churning out Drake Cheesecake Factory memes, the first (and best) of which was actually created by the dessert emporium itself.

Drake superfans will note that the name check was no joke; Drake seriously loves The Cheesecake Factory. Over the past six years, he's been spotted at multiple locations at least 10 times, from D.C. to California. Notably, he's visited at least three separate Texas locations, so anyone who's looking to score a signed menu would do well to spend some time in the Lonestar State. Maybe bring a weightlifting belt, though; those menus are larger than the average Bible.

In response to the love, The Cheesecake Factory started the meme-fest on Twitter the same day that Views dropped, and fans quickly joined the party.

The Original

The album art for Views features Drake sitting atop the CN Tower in his hometown of Toronto, a city that – gasp – has no Cheesecake Factory. What's our boy to do when he's craving a $50 slab of cream cheese and sugar? They're on it.

The Reaction Shot

I mean, were you that surprised? After Beyoncé name checking Red Lobster in "Formation" and now this, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Kesha's next album was called Applebee's.

The Reverse

But why bring a cheesecake to Drake when you can bring Drake to Cheesecake? After all, the next line is "You know I love to go there."

The Subtle Touches

Be honest, would you know this was Photoshopped if I hadn't told you?

The Premium

The Oreo cheesecake costs more, but Drake can afford it.

The Other Kind Of Cake

True story: as a teen, I once bought a box of these things at the Hostess factory outlet, then ate them all in one sitting. No regrets. You couldn't do that with cheesecake; just sayin'.

More Fun With Album Art

Come on, Drake, you made it too easy. Wait, was this his plan? Did he shoot a series of infinitely 'shoppable photos for the free publicity (and possibly free cheesecake)? I'm onto you, Drake!

The Conspiracy Theory

Turns out this goes deeper than we thought. These eagle-eyed fans discovered Drake's secret identity: he's been working undercover at The Cheesecake Factory for years!

Bonus Video Game Meme

Way too many people have noticed this for it to be a coincidence. Is Drake a gamer?

Bonus Game For The Kids

Grab the kids and have a race to see who can find Drake first. The winner gets a slice of cheesecake, of course.