Drake Had A ‘Degrassi’ Reunion In His “I’m Upset” Video, & Fans Are So Emotional

by Vanessa Taylor

Even though he's long out of his Degrassi days, fans of the show will never forget Drake's character. There's always something bitter sweet about watching actors from one show continue climbing in their careers as performers, but it seems the actor turned rapper is willing to sit in that nostalgia, too. Drake had a Degrassi reunion in his "I'm Upset" video, and fans are feeling so many things.

For seven years, Drake played the role of basketball star Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation. In the trend of ensemble teen and high school shows trying to tackle hard topics, from 13 Reasons Why andThe Secret Life of the American Teenager, it would be fair to say that Degrassi helped set the trend into motion — and they were pretty good at it. Jimmy's character saw his fair share of struggles, most notably with the episode "Time Stands Still" where he was shot and paralyzed.

Drake has lyrically paid homage to Degrassi throughout his career. It was his starting point as a performer, after all, so there's always going to be a certain level of appreciation for the show. In his most recent music video, Drake took this appreciation to new levels with a Degrassi throwback.

Shane Kippel (Gavin "Spinner" Mason), Nina Dobrev (Mia Jones), Ephraim Ellis (Rick Murray), Lauren Collins (Paige Brooks), and others all make appearances throughout the video. What's important to note, though, is that this isn't just an easy video where a couple old cast mates make a quick appearance. Nope, this entire music video is centered around Drake heading to a high school reunion at Degrassi Community School.

"I'm Upset" opens with Drake waking up in bed next to a woman, his phone buzzing with a notification reminding him of a school reunion that day. When the shot pans out, video watchers can tell that Drake is in the middle of the Air Canada Center, where Variety reported the Toronto Raptors play. The music video follows Drake as he gets ready, suits up, and heads to the reunion.

The video's still frame is Drake's name written in blue with gold. Blue and gold are also the school color's of Degrassi Community School. Drake wore those colors pretty often on the show as a basketball player.

Even though most people were eagerly waiting for Drake to respond back to Pusha T's diss track, it seems that beef is now squashed (or at least put on hold). And while some people might not be too happy about it, Drake's long-time fans have no complaints.

The video dropped Wednesday night; since then, fans have taken to Twitter to dissect the video and express their excitement.

Fans were also quick to celebrate the reunion of Jimmy and Spinner, the "OG BFFs" as one user put it.

Drake started his career as a rapper after he left Degrassi, but that doesn't mean he never rapped before. In one episode, fans saw Jimmy drop a few bars, and it's something they haven't forgotten.

The video ends with the Degrassi theme song playing over the credits, while showing clips of cast members as they appeared in the video and clips taken directly from the show. If that doesn't make it clear who this video is meant for, nothing else will.

To some, the timing of this video might be a little weird, but maybe it's on purpose. If you're not really in the mood to carry on with a beef, may as well drop something a little nostalgic. Even for those of us who never watched Degrassi, it's fun to see how excited people are getting about a well deserved throwback to a show that definitely shaped part of their adolescence.