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Drew Barrymore Is Celebrating Her 44th Birthday With The Most Incredible IG Posts

No matter how young or old you are, a birthday is always a reason to celebrate. And celebrities definitely know how to celebrate in style. Take mom of two, Drew Barrymore, for example, who is so excited to turn one year older this year. People will fall in love with Drew Barrymore's Instagrams celebrating her 44th birthday, because they remind everyone that each and every year is worth getting excited about.

Birthdays are the best. It's the one day a year where people can throw a party in their own honor, and give you treats just for existing (just kidding). All jokes aside, birthdays are an important time of year for people to not only celebrate but reflect on the year they've had and make goals for the next year. And Barrymore is already there, planning on making 44 her best year yet.

Barrymore took to Instagram on early Friday morning to share a selfie, because that is the best way to ring in a birthday. In the photo, Barrymore is glowing, looking gorgeous in minimal makeup, a fresh face, and perfectly messed up hair. "44 and NEVER BETTER," she captioned the photo. "Go shorty, it's my birthday."

And Barrymore's followers and celebrity friends were super happy to celebrate her birthday with her. "Happy birthday angel person," actress Sarah Paulson commented. "Happy birthday lady!," actress Zoe Saldana added.

But this wasn't the only time that people wished Barrymore a a happy birthday. Because just four hours later, Barrymore shared another post calling attention to her birthday — but this one was just a tad different. In the second post, Barrymore shared a screenshot of a text message sent from her pharmacy wishing her a happy birthday. "Best wishes for a joyous day. Happy birthday from Zitomer Pharmacy," the text message read.

"Also being 44. Zitomer Pharmacy is heaven," Barrymore hilariously captioned the photo.

Isn't that one of the best parts about birthdays, though? When everyone (even your own pharmacy) recognizes that it's such an important day? And even Barrymore's followers can relate to this.

"This is everything," TODAY host, Savannah Guthrie, commented on the photo. "No really at our age it is."

She has a point.

And in case people weren't aware that it was Barrymore's birthday, she drove the point home by sharing the most adorable throwback photo of herself from a 1982 red carpet appearance to really drive in the point.

"Seriously! I'm of age!," Barrymore captioned the photo.

Of course, fans (and friends) were loving the throwback.

"Shook. Happy birthday," fellow mom (and actress) Mindy Kaling commented.

Based on the amount of celebrating that Barrymore did on Friday, it's clear that she is so excited to turn 44 and be a bit older than she was before. Almost one year ago exactly, Barrymore told TODAY that she embraces aging and getting older, instead of rejecting it. Barrymore said:

I would not know how to function if a time machine picked me up and took me back to 10 years ago. I get a little better each day. I can't believe how erratic my feelings were. You have to get older to get better and wiser and calmer and focus on the right things. I'm a way better person than I used to be. And trust me, I'm very critical of myself.

And she isn't trying to take any preventative measures to hide the fact that she's aging. Barrymore told TODAY that she isn't going to rely on plastic surgery for the anti-aging effect — instead, she'll rely on skincare products to help. "I'll need some serious eye cream," Barrymore said.

Everyone can learn something from Barrymore's super fun birthday posts — aging is nothing to be afraid of, it should be embraced. So, people should get excited to turn another year older, because there is so much to celebrate and live for.