Drones Pulling Out Kids' Teeth Is A Thing Parents Are Doing Now (What A Time To Be Alive) – VIDEO

Apparently, parents everywhere are now using drones to pull out their children’s loose teeth. My only guess as to why this is now a thing is that parents can be highly resourceful when faced with a challenge involving their children whining incessantly. Nothing quite so effectively inspires innovation like the biting desire to make an annoying child stop obsessing about something. Plus, how much more fun is it to use a remote control to get that pesky tooth out, rather than slamming a door (which always seemed kind of terrifying and painful to me anyway)? I guess we might be able to call that the analog way, and baby, tooth removal just went digital.

Honestly, I’m still not sure whether to file this under “really smart” or “really insane," although the history of groundbreaking advances in all fields would imply that the two are not necessarily mutual exclusive — this whole "drone tooth removal" thing might just be crazy enough to work! Also, I'm not keen to lean too heavily onto gender stereotypes, but like, the odds seem pretty damn good that this was the work of dudes. I have a hard time not picturing this idea coming up between a couple of bro-dads, like, "Yo, do you know how we can get Timmy's tooth out? I have an idea. Hold my beer. *buuuurrrp*" (OK, when I do lean into gender stereotypes, I lean hard. It's more fun that way.)

I have to say, I'm not sure we really need creative ways to remove teeth, but hey, I'm not here to block progress. Personally, I was never the type to resort to door slamming when I was a kid, and I can’t imagine doing it on my own children when the time comes. Although there's a reasonably good chance that I will actually want to do this. Or perhaps they’ll be brave enough to want to try it no matter what I think.

Take a look at these videos for yourself, and see what you think. Smart? Or crazy?

I love what the Dad says in this video, "OK, just to prove that drones can be good..."

Believe it or not (yeah, it's not hard to believe — this is the Internet, and this is what we do here), there are multiple "drone tooth removal" videos. This one is my favorite so far:

Yep, that's a pretty loose tooth. Ripe for pulling, one might even say.

This dad is so focused.

"Did it work?" "Yeah, it worked!" And then he laughs like an evil villain. I can't even. Here's the tooth pull, caught in slow motion (which is seriously amazing):

And here's the full video:

Images: Viva Frei/YouTube; Giphy (4)