TikTok users are showing their breast fed babies their boobs and recording their reactions in a hila...
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Moms On TikTok Are Flashing Their Breastfed Babies Their Boobs & I’m Howling

Some social media trends are arguably a little cringey or just plain bizarre, but this viral "Drop 'Em Out" TikTok challenge featuring moms flashing their breastfed babies their boobs is downright hilarious. And, let's be honest, it's pretty darn adorable, too.

It all started back in April when TikTok user and social media influencer Taylor Giavasis posted a video of her son Malakai just hanging out on a bed. In the video, as he chews on a toy, Giavasis flashes him from behind the camera as "Drop 'Em Out" by Wheeler Walker Jr. plays in the background. Once little Malakai notices, his eyes widen and jaw drops. He quickly abandons his toy and crawls right to his mom. "Show your breastfed baby your boobies," she captioned the hilarious video, which has over 4.7 million views.

Since then, the "Drop 'Em Out" challenge has gone viral. Moms all over TikTok have recorded themselves flashing their breastfed babes and their reactions as the lyrics "Drop 'em out/Let me see them titties/Gonna take a long look at those tig 'ol bitties" perfectly play in the background.

TikTok user @hannahraecollins3 tells Romper seeing her son do a "double take" when she flashed him was a real hoot. "Waylon is all about the boob, so it wasn't a surprise at all the way he reacted, but the double take and seeing him have to make the decision between Mickey Mouse or boob was great!" she says.

Another mom who took on the challenge, TikTok user @rockawaygypsea, tells Romper she "knew exactly" how her son would react. "My son is a giant goofball and I knew exactly what his reaction would be when he woke up," she says of her son who hilariously raised an eyebrow with curiosity and delight when he noticed it was time to eat.

TikTok user @ashers_mommy19 whose video has over 1.3 million views tells Romper her son's giddy reaction to beeline it straight to her boobs wasn't too surprising for her because "he always would get super excited when it was eating time."

TikTok user @niyahox tells Romper that while most people have gotten a kick out of her 1-year-old daughter's excited reaction to the challenge, some left comments "kind of wondering why she was still breastfeeding at her age." Sigh... Fortunately, though, most people "thought it was the funniest thing" and "really loved the video," she says.

Beyond making people laugh, @rockawaygypsea tells Romper she hopes this challenge can help stop the stigma surrounding breastfeeding. "Normalizing breastfeeding is very important," she says, "and reaching people through humor is usually the best way to make an impact."

So, really, no matter how you slice it, the "Drop 'Em Out" challenge is perhaps the best one to hit TikTok yet.