The Duggar Grandkids' Nickname For Michelle Is Kind Of Unexpected

Michelle Duggar is most commonly known as "mom" to her 19 kids. But in her new role as grandma, she has a new moniker to wear with pride. And with many babies to arrive this fall, some people might be wondering: what do the Duggar grandkids call Michelle Duggar? Spoiler alert: Her nickname might not be what you'd expect.

On Friday, Sept. 13, Duggar turned 53 years old, according to InTouch Weekly. The day was spent surrounded by her many family members, who also took to social media to express their love for the woman at the head of the family. Anna Duggar, Michelle's daughter-in-law, and mother to the first Duggar grandchild took to Instagram to share her appreciation for Michelle, and reveal what her kids (and the other Duggar grandkids call her.

"I'm so thankful for the best and sweetest "mother-in-love" in the world! Lolli (as we are now calling her these days) is such a sweet and loyal friend, I could go on and say 1,000 things and it could only be the beginning...Lolli, we love you so much!"

So there you have it — the Duggar grandkids' nickname for Michelle is Lolli. Hmm... can't say I saw that one coming.

It's a little unclear if all 13 of the Duggar grandbabies call her Lolli or if it is just Anna's kids. But either way, it's a pretty cute nickname. Lolli is easy for little kids to pronounce, is very simple, and rolls off the tongue quite easily. However, this might be a new thing because according to commenters on Reddit, they had never heard anyone call Michelle "Lolli" before.

But it does make sense why they call her "Lolli" — especially when you take into account what they call her husband. The Duggar siblings have always referred to their dad (and Michelle's husband), Jim Bob Duggar, as "Pops". When put together, Lolli and Pops are "Lollipop" which is every kid's favorite candy. Isn't that so adorable? Although Jill Duggar has referred to Jim Bob as "Peepaw" in the past, according to InTouch Weekly, it looks like the nicknames "Lolli" and "Pops" are here to stay.

Finding the perfect nickname for grandparents can be hard. Parents want to find a fun, personal nickname that fits their parents and their personalities. Let's be real, grandpa and grandma are a little dry. There are so many fun options that grandparents can try on for size, and Lolli is one of those very popular options. Furthermore, grandparents are opting for less traditional nicknames because it makes them happier and feel a little younger, according to BabyCenter. And there is nothing wrong with that. The nicknames that kids call their grandparents practically become their own names , and they have to be happy with those names for the rest of their lives.

Clearly, Michelle and Jim Bob are very happy with being called "Lolli" and "Pops." And as they continue to welcome more grandbabies in the future, they're going to hear those names a lot more.