Duggar Valentine’s Day Traditions Are Probably A Little Different Than Yours

Gentle reminder: Valentine's Day is just around the corner. So if you're into celebrating that type of thing, the countdown to find that perfect present for your special someone is on! Many couples opt to go out and enjoy a meal together, exchange gifts of chocolate, flowers, jewelry, and more. Others choose not to celebrate this consumerism-driven holiday at all. And that's perfectly fine, too. Given their hesitancy about certain holidays, some fans might wonder: Do the Duggars celebrate Feb. 14? As it turns out, Duggar Valentine's Day traditions are probably a little different than yours.

"We often celebrate Valentine's Day as a family," Duggar family matriarch Michelle wrote in a 2014 TLC blog post. "It's a really special time with the whole family getting around the table and spending time together." Michelle went onto explain that one year, her and Jim Bob's eldest daughter, Jana, prepared an elaborate Valentine's Day banquet for their family. (Which, by the way, includes her parents and 18 siblings — thus their hit TLC series, 19 Kids & Counting.) "We had a beautiful spread on our table; everything was pink, red, and white," Michelle explained. "We took pictures and made a special event of it." She continued:

It was our way of expressing our gratefulness and our love for each other and the family, and celebrating how much family means to us. It's so important to nurture that relationship. It was a day of love and fun and fellowship for the whole family.

The mother of 19 added that some years, she and Jim-Bob also go out on a date together. However, something else the Duggars love to do as a family probably isn't something too many others are doing: Throwing a banquet for single moms — whether they're divorced, widowed, or abandoned — who are often forgotten on Feb. 14, according to ABC News. Michelle explained:

The children set the tables and serve as the waiters. They'll put on black bowties, white shirts, black pants, and serve the meal. Sometimes we'll have harpists or other musicians play beautiful music during the banquet. It's very special.

Of course, now that a fair number of the older Duggar children are grown and have families of their own, I'm sure they've started their own Valentine's Day traditions as well. One Duggar trend I've personally spotted is a V-Day social media shoutout to their significant others.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo shared sweet Instagram posts about each other last year on Feb. 14. "@jeremy_vuolo I love you with all of my heart!" Jinger wrote alongside a photo of her husband. "Thank you for always being there for me and for faithfully pointing me to Christ. You are the most incredible person I have ever known!❤️Happy Valentine’s Day!"

Jessa Seewald didn't hold back last Valentine's Day, either, in a message to her husband, Ben Seewald. "Best friends forever. 💞 ," she captioned a photo of the pair kissing. "I thank God for giving me such a caring, compassionate, patient, thoughtful, understanding, selfless, loving, godly husband."

Meanwhile, Joy-Anna Forsyth gave a shoutout to her husband, Austin for V-Day 2018. "I love you so very much, honey!" she wrote on Instagram. "Thank you for making today special!❤️😍💋 -Joy #valentinesday2018"

It looks like Jill Dillard enjoyed a special dinner last year — courtesy of her husband, Derick Dillard. "My hubby is the best!" Jill captioned a photo of Derick pouring a glass of sparkling juice next to a table set for two. "He totally turned our house into a steakhouse, serving me a wonderful Valentine's Day dinner last night! #besthubby @derickdillard I love you babe! 💕💘💓💗💞."

If all this talk about the Duggars has you missing them, then I've got some good news: The new season of Counting On kicks off on Feb. 11, at 8 p.m. on TLC, according to the Duggar family blog. Although it's not even close to Valentine's Day as the series continues to catch up with the present day, I'm sure fans can't wait to get their fix.

And if you're curious about how the Duggar siblings will be celebrating Valentine's Day later this week — I'd definitely check out Instagram. Because considering John David and Abbie Duggar weren't even a couple this time last year, there's bound to be even more wonderfully sappy shoutouts this Feb. 14!