A picture of a box of the new Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Begins game. On the cover is a sorcerer...

Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Begins Game Is The Perfect Way To Start Families On D&D

My husband and I are both long time Dungeons & Dragons players. But this is one game we haven't started playing with our kids just yet because of how complicated and involved it is. That's why I'm so excited for the new beginner D&D Adventure Begins board game by Hasbro, because it takes all the cooperative fun of Dungeons & Dragons and makes it an easy-to-follow board game.

First of all, as a die hard board gamer, I need to tell you that you're getting a ton of game for the price. Available for preorder from all your major retailers for only $25, this game looks super complex for the cash. If you're a board gamer, you know that $50 is the baseline price for most games like Ticket to Ride or Settlers of Catan. This game looks every bit as intricate for half the price of admission. The game is set up like many cooperative board games with character cards, chits, and actions that will take place on the boards. Like traditional Dungeons & Dragons, the new beginner D&D board game by Hasbro is ruled by the dice. Each 20-sided die corresponds with the same colored card, and teams will work together to weave the fantasy.


One unique feature of the game is that it comes with a card collector. Anyone who has ever ordered a card collector for their Catan games or board shields for Terraforming Mars knows that this is far from a given. This game looks to be a gateway to teach older kids all about the classic game, before they take off and find their own Dungeon Masters.

D&D is one of those games that, once you start playing, you become a player for life. It's intoxicating in its richness, and there's so much fun to be had amongst friends. Yes, we players are admittedly nerdy as heck, but that's our flag and we fly it. Everyone is enthusiastic about something, you just have to tap into the right conversation to figure out what it is. For D&D players, it's all charisma, cavaliers, sorcerers, mages, deception, and magic, and we like it that way. Now, I can easily pass that on to my kids.