Dunkin' Donuts Is Releasing Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Coffee, So Get Ready To Go Broke

by Casey Suglia

Girl Scout cookie season marks both the best and worst time of the year. For just a few short months a year, Girl Scout cookies are the best dessert or midday snack you will be able to find on your front door step or outside of your favorite grocery store. But the end of the season marks devastation and the harsh reality that you won't be able to get your favorite sweet treats for the next nine months. But there is some good news for Girl Scout cookie fiends and caffeine lovers alike: Dunkin Donuts is releasing Girl Scout cookie flavored coffee, so you can enjoy your favorite cookies and get your caffeine fix at the same exact time.

If you thought it was super easy to go through a sleeve of Thin Mint cookies in one day, then drinking it in the form of coffee is going to be much easier. From now until the end of May, according to TODAY, you will be able to get Girl Scout cookie flavored coffee at any participating Dunkin' Donuts location.

These coffees will come in three of your favorite (and most popular) Girl Scout cookie flavors — Thin Mint, Coconut Caramel (also known as Samoas or Caramel deLites), and Peanut Butter Cookie (also known as Do-si-dos). So it's not the entire line up of Girl Scout cookie flavors (and might exclude some of your personal favorites) but these coffee flavors will definitely curb your cravings when you can no longer find Girl Scout cookies in your area (a typical cookie season lasts six to eight weeks, according to Girl Scouts).

Seriously, the photos of these limited edition drinks will have you running to your nearest Dunkin Donuts after you gobble up the rest of those Girl Scout cookies you've been hiding from the rest of your family.

These flavors from the three most popular Girl Scout Cookies will take your coffee to a new level. The Thin Mint flavor will feature the cookie's "combination of cool mint and decadent chocolate," according to Dunkin' Donuts. The Coconut Caramel flavor will combine the taste of "toasted coconut with creamy caramel" and finally, the Peanut Butter Cookie flavor will mark Dunkin' Donuts' first peanut flavor (and it's allergen free, too for those who can't eat peanuts — score). The best news is, these flavors can be added into all Dunkin' Donuts drinks. So you can get a Girl Scout cookie flavor boost into your daily iced (or hot) coffee, have your favorite Girl Scout cookie turned into a latte or macchiato, or even made into a frozen coffee. The possibilities are endless.

If you thought you were the only person obsessed with Girl Scout cookies, you're not alone. The cookies have been around since the 1920s, and have had flavors come and go, but the traditional cookies you know and love have relatively stayed the same (aside from some changing their name, depending on where you live, according to HuffPost). The cult following surrounding these cookies is serious but your love for the cookies also supports "one of the most successful girl run businesses in the world," according to The Christian Science Monitor.

Needless to say, because of this cult like status, people on Twitter are freaking out about these new coffee flavors.

The results are in and people are impressed.

These coffee flavors will definitely outlive your Girl Scout Cookie season in your neighborhood — but just don't try to become too addicted. Like your favorite cookies, they're only around for a limited time, but unlike the cookies, it is unclear if the coffee flavors will return next year.

Enjoy them while you can because this coffee looks that good.

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