11 Super Sweet & Optimistic Instagram Captions To Post On Easter Sunday

Whether you observe it with a small family gathering or a giant community celebration, Easter Sunday is a special date for most families. If you feel a bit moved by the occasion, then consider posting these Easter Instagram captions along with photos of your family in their Sunday best. These sweet quotes and sentiments reflect the holiday itself, as well as the emergence of springtime weather.

These captions are all lovely standalone posts for your favorite social media. Seriously, I love the idea of combatting the negativity so often found on the internet with hopelessly optimistic musings about spring and hope and renewal. It's so rebelliously wholesome.

If you need some words to accompany your Easter Sunday family pics, though, these quotes are all pretty perfect. Especially if you're a new mom, it's so easy to get sentimental at the sight of your beloved baby in cheerful springtime weather. Some poetic words about flowers and spring just feel fitting.

And if you're not yet in the Easter spirit this year, then maybe reading through these quotes will help you out a bit. Sometimes a little dose of positivity is all you need to remember what's so lovely about the season. Read on to see how other people have captured the idea of Easter Sunday, and see whether these sentiments will work for your social media.


"Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life." — Janine di Giovanni

There is something so inspiring about a Sunday morning in spring. It's the perfect day to enjoy with your family. And if your family happens to include a bunch of completely adorable baby animals, then you're doing this whole Easter thing right. I mean, please send me a picture of your puppy in the park.


"Easter is an arts and crafts moment where your whole family and friends can get involved." — Alex Guarnaschelli

What's Easter without dyeing some eggs? Even if you aren't the most creative sort, it's a blast to create colorful masterpieces with your family. Bring on the dye, stickers, and glitter. Some of my best childhood memories involve making messy, brightly hued eggs with my family.


"Let your joy burst forth like flowers in the spring."

If you take some pics of your family surrounded by springtime flowers, this will be the perfect quote. After all, few things feel as joyous as the fresh blooming plants. It's a gorgeous sight.


"There are always flowers for those who want to see them." — Henri Matisse

Easter Sunday is a perfect time to appreciate nature with those you love. If the weather in your part of the world is not quite spring-like, for instance, and you don't get to spend the day in an idyllic park, that's OK too. You can still make the most of this time with your family.


"Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life." — S.D. Gordon

If you have a new baby this Easter, then this quote is a perfect sentiment to share with baby pics. Also, taking pics of your tiny baby surrounded by flowers and greenery is an absolute joy.


"On this Easter Sunday, forgive someone. Tell someone you love them. Let your light shine."

This is a positive message about moving on with your life. I mean, doesn't all social media need a little more of that? It's appropriate for any time of year, not just Easter, and an especially meaningful way to spend the holiday.


"For I remember it is Easter morn, and life and love and peace are all new born." — Alice Freeman Palmer

Sharing messages of peace and love is always in season, and it's especially perfect for spring. Your social media feed can be even more enlightened with this quote.


"I've got a fondness for rabbits." — Martin McDonagh

Who doesn't love a bunny? Bonus points for pairing this quote with a picture of your kid dressed in rabbit ears. It's almost too cute.


"May your Easter basket runneth over."

Cheesy? Sure. But it's still a sweet sentiment for anyone this holiday. After all, what kid isn't thrilled to receive a giant basket of goodies on Easter Sunday? It's a thrilling childhood tradition.


"Spring has sprung."

It's a sweet and simple phrase, but it's fitting for the occasion. You can't help but celebrate springtime and its sense of joy.


"The great gift of Easter is hope." — Basil Hume

A message of hope is always appropriate, particularly during the season of new life and renewal, so toss this sweet quote up on your feed.

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