Courtesy Of Incredible Egg

These Super Modern, Easy-To-Make Color-Blocked Eggs Will *Make* Your Easter

For a seemingly simple craft, egg dying can be a bit tricky. I always seem to end up with food coloring everywhere and a busted egg or two. But now there's a simple way to create some truly beautiful eggs that are definitely Pinterest-worthy. These modern color-blocked Easter eggs are easy to create, and they'll dress up your springtime decor in a major way. They're a colorful and sophisticated take on the classic egg-dyeing tradition, and simple enough for the entire family to enjoy.

The creation of blogger Nole Garey from Oh So Beautiful Paper, the color-blocked eggs she made for Incredible Egg are deceptively simple to make. But the end result is gorgeous. I especially love how Garey used both white and brown eggs or this craft, because the brown eggs produced some truly beautiful, rich earthy tones.

To complete this craft, first you'll need to gather the supplies. Several hard-boiled eggs, food coloring, vinegar, muffin tins or small bowls, toothpicks, and paper towels are the main supplies. Of course, a few disposable gloves will keep the whole process from getting too messy, although messiness can definitely be part of the fun. Read on to find out just how simple it is to make these stunning, modern Easter eggs.


Boil Two Cups Of Water

Once it's going, add two tablespoons of vinegar to the heated water. Also, keep an eye on kids (or overexcited adults) near the hot water.


Fill Containers With Half Inch Of Hot Water

You can use the cups of a muffin pan or a collection of small bowls. Just note that the food dye can leave stains behind, so use something that isn't too delicate.


Add Liquid Food Coloring

You can refer to the color blocked Easter Egg color formulas from Oh So Beautiful Paper to get some lovely springtime shades. Of course, there's always the option of adding in colors at random to see what results. Test the colors with a bit of napkin or paper towel beforehand to get your desired hue. Also, if you plan to eat the eggs later, use food-safe dye and other decorating materials.


Stir Food Coloring

Use a toothpick or spoon to combine the food coloring and water, and give it another quick stir right before dipping your egg in. This will help make sure your egg's dip dye is as bright and even as possible.


Dip One Side Of Egg In Dye Bath

Wear disposable gloves if you're concerned about stains, then choose a hard-boiled egg and submerge a portion of it in the dye. Don't submerge the entire egg.


Hold Egg In Place

For lighter shades, hold the egg in place for several seconds. For deeper shades, hold it in the dye for a minute or longer. Experiment with different dip times to create a variety of shades.


Remove Egg

Pat it dry with a towel.


Add More Dye Colors

If you want, dip a different portion of the egg into some new dye colors. There's basically an endless array of color combos and egg portions, so get creative.



Take a moment to enjoy your color blocked Easter eggs. It's such a fun and modern take on this classic springtime tradition, and your family will likely remember it for years to come.