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Easy 'Gilmore Girls' Halloween Costumes That Will Put You In The Autumnal Spirit

This year for Halloween, what if in a sea of Donald Trumps, Kim Kardashians, and Sexy Muppets Characters, you were a Lorelai Gilmore? Picture it? Doesn't that look nice? With the Gilmore Girls revival almost upon us, a costume inspired by one of the residents of Stars Hollow is both timely and, best of all, easy. Behold, three easy Gilmore Girls Halloween costume ideas.

Halloween is not easy for me. I don't like store-bought costumes because I think they're a little lazy. But I'm also too lazy to put that much effort into an original and cool costume myself. This means that I usually end up in a "costume" made up of things I already had in my closet. This is most successful when I go as Wednesday Addams, otherwise I generally just look like I got dressed in the dark. Luckily, the Gilmores (usually) dress fairly normally, and it shouldn't be too difficult to find some Lorelai-approved getups in the forgotten corners of my wardrobe. Frankly, I never quite understood why everyone talked about her "crazy" outfits. I mean, yeah the lady liked rhinestone t-shirts but it's not like she wore her bra on the outside of her shirt or anything. Some of her more memorable outfits should be fairly easy to replicate.

Lorelai's Famous "First Day At Chilton" Look

What is more Lorelai than this classic look from the pilot? It's actually pretty easy to recreate, too. All you'll need is a pair of denim shorts, a tie-dye shirt, and cowboy boots.

The Shorts

Cut Off Shorts, $27, American Eagle

The cut-off shorts are necessary, because remember, it's laundry day.

The Shirt

Tie-Dye Shirt, $12, Amazon

Of course, the outfit wouldn't be complete without a tie-dye shirt that I'd like to think was homemade.


Western Boots, $40, Target

The finishing touch (besides a cup of coffee) would be the boots.

High School Rory

Plaid skirt, blue v-neck sweater, one giant yellow backpack, and maybe a hardcover of Jane Eyre under your arm and you too are ready to become valedictorian of Chilton.

The Sweater

Navy Blue Sweater, 19, Amazon

Add a collared shirt underneath this navy sweater and you've got the prep nature that is Chilton.

The Skirt

Plaid Skirt, $40 Lands End

The skirt has to have the classic plaid.

The Backpack

Yellow Backpack, $51, Amazon

Finally, you need the yellow backpack. It isn't a Rory look without the backpack.

Whatever you do, stay true to the Gilmore spirit by drinking lots of coffee and all the candy you can eat. Happy Halloween!