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Eddie Redmayne & Wife Hannah Are Expecting Baby No. 2!

Much more adventure is to be had by one English actor and his wife. That's right, folks, Eddie Redmayne and his wife Hannah are expecting baby number two, his representative confirmed to to People on Wednesday afternoon. "Eddie and Hannah Redmayne are delighted to confirm they are expecting their second child," the statement reads. Obviously, this is joyous news for the 35-year-old actor and his family, although the couple remains fairly private about their personal lives.

Although there's relatively scarce information out there about the couple's life together, this latest pregnancy announcement has fans beyond thrilled for the pair to be welcoming another little one into the world soon. It was almost a year and a half ago when the Redmaynes welcomed their first child — a daughter named Iris — in June of 2016, according to People.

Even though Redmayne is a pretty private person, it's clear that he loves being a dad to little Iris, based on what he's said in past interviews and statements. Although, of course, each child is a totally new journey and experience for parents, but it's pretty clear that Eddie and Hannah are totally in love with their daughter, and ready to give her a sibling.

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Back when the Redmaynes welcomed Iris into the world, the actor was fortunate enough to be able to spend some quality time with his new family. Speaking to People about it, Redmayne said:

I love time off. It’s amazing and so it’s been great because I’ve got to spend the first four-and-a-half, five months with Iris, and I know that that is a very privileged thing because I speak to many mates of mine who have kids and they’re back into work, days or three later.

Hopefully, Redmayne will be able to take some time off for the birth of his second child, as well. Likely, Hannah appreciated having her husband home for that quality time after Iris was born, even though fathers staying home is still somewhat of a rare occurrence, although it really shouldn't be. According to The Atlantic, "Fathers who take paternity leave are more likely, a year or so down the road, to change diapers, bathe their children, read them bedtime stories, and get up at night to tend to them."

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And while the benefits of being a rich and famous actor are probably a lot more generous than that of what the average working father receives, it's still pretty extraordinary for Redmayne to consciously take the time to not work. And obviously, he's loved being a dad to little Iris. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight back in 2016, Redmayne discussed how much fatherhood had opened his heart:

There's this amazing thing with children — whenever you're having a bit of a tired moment or something, it's like she's always just one stop ahead of you, smiling you along. It’s great.

And as heartwarming as Redmayne's quotes about having a child are, their love story might actually make your heart explode. According to The Daily Mail:

Eddie and Hannah wed at Babington House in Somerset just before Christmas 2014 and confirmed they were expecting their first child in January 2016 ... The pair began dating in 2012 after previously being friends since their school days ... They first met when the actor was studying at Eton College, while Hannah was boarding at a nearby girls' school.
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Obviously, the Redmaynes are meant for each other, and little Iris is an extremely lucky girl, that much is for sure. What is still yet to be determined, though, is the sex of their new baby. The Daily Mail also reported that, with Iris, the couple had waited until she was born to find out the sex, which means they could very well do the same with their second baby.

Whatever they decide, though, it remains known that the Redmaynes are one small, happy family that's about to get a little bigger.

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