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Elena 'Vampire Diaries' Theories That Prove A Season 8 Return Is Inevitable

It's been a stressful week in the world of politics, but whether you found yourself for or against the outcome, I think America can all agree on one thing — television is still the perfect escape from all the madness around us. Which is why I've chosen to take some time out of my day to contemplate a few theories about Elena's possible return to The Vampire Diaries' eighth and final season. As I'm sure many of you know, Nina Dobrev's return to TVD has yet to officially be confirmed, however, show creator Julie Plec has made it clear just how much she wants their former leading lady to come back and take one last bow.

"She's said she would [come back] and I want her to," Plec recently told Digital Spy regarding a potential Elena return. "So honestly it becomes a matter of logistics and if we become victim to logistics, then that would be devastating. I'm hoping that's not even going to be an issue." In fact, Plec even went on to say that it would be "really emotionally disappointing to have to bring the series to a close without seeing her again" and already has two endings in mind — one that involves Elena and one that doesn't.

So really, the ball is in Dobrev's court right now, so as long as she keeps her schedule open, fans should be seeing Elena back up on their screens at some point this season. But will it be in the form they want it to be in? Here are a few theories I have in regards to how this whole thing could play out...

Her Return Is In Flashback Form

This would by far be the most disappointing option of them all, considering viewers have already been seeing Elena in flashbacks for the majority of the season so far. Even if this turned out to be a new flashback that's never been seen before, I still wouldn't be satisfied. The past is the past. I'm more concerned with the future and what it holds for our beloved Miss Gilbert.

She Will Reunite With Damon

Obviously, one of the highlights of her return would be seeing her reunite with her OTP, Damon Salvatore. These two have had insane chemistry since pretty much Day 1. So seeing them back together again would be the perfect remedy for our upcoming post-TVD blues.

She Won't Reunite With Damon

Then again, in light of what Damon just did to Tyler, it's possible that her return won't deliver a big romantic Delena moment after all. I hate the mere thought of this suggestion, but you never know when it comes to this show.

Magic Will Be Involved

Considering how much this show centers around supernatural elements (like vampires, witches, and werewolves — oh my!), it would make sense if that's how fans (and the characters) end up communicating with Elena in her Sleeping Beauty slumber. Maybe there's a mind-linking spell that can be performed, so that even if she isn't able to wake up, viewers can still see a scene play out within their subconscious. Hey, it's better than nothing!

The Finale Will Cut To A Flash Forward

Hopefully, to a time when Bonnie has lived a happy and full life, and then dies in her sleep, hence allowing Elena to finally wake up. And since Damon is a vampire who doesn't age, he'll still be as handsome as ever.

Bonnie Dies

Sorry Bon-Bon, but if there's one surefire way to ensure an Elena return, it results in your demise. I'm not a huge fan of this idea since poor Bonnie has been through enough, but I also really want to see Elena again, so if it must happen, then it must happen, I guess.

As you can see, my mind is simply overflowing with theories about how Elena Gilbert could come back into our lives one more time. So come on, Dobrev — the opportunities are there. Don't let us down.