'Stranger Things' Theories About Eleven That Prove Her Journey Is Just Getting Started

Going into Season 2 of Stranger Things there were a lot of questions about Eleven. Was she really Terry Ives' daughter, Jane? If she's number 11, were there others like her? And most importantly, what happened to her after she defeated the Demogorgon? Thankfully, all these questions were answered over the course of the season, but that hasn't stopped fans from creating Eleven theories from Stranger Things Season 2 and what it means for her future on the show.

In Season 2, Eleven discovered that she is, in fact, Terry Ives' long lost daughter, Jane. She also found Kali, another girl who was also subjected to Hawkins Laboratory experiments, and has powers of her own. Though the two bonded, Eleven ultimately decided to return to her friends in Hawkins, where she was able to use her abilities to close the gate to the Upside Down, which she accidentally opened in Season 1. Dr. Owens then got Hopper a birth certificate for Eleven that said "Jane Hopper," and it seems Eleven will now lead a normal live. She even attended the Snow Ball dance with Mike.

But what's next for Eleven? Will she ever see Kali again? What about those hints that Dr. Brenner is possibly still alive? Here are some of the most interesting theories about what the future holds for our favorite Hawkins hero.

Her Powers Will Only Continue To Grow

At the end of Season 1, Eleven literally disappeared after using her powers. At the end of Season 2, she floated up into the air and channeled her rage to close the gate. It's obvious that her abilities have gotten much stronger, and Kali's lessons on harnessing her anger clearly helped. It wouldn't be surprising if Eleven's abilities continued to grow in Season 3.

Eleven & Kali Will Reunite


As Kali pointed out, there had to be a reason why Terry pointed Eleven towards her sister, and it probably wasn't so Eleven could join a gang and go around killing people for justice. Whatever the reason, Eleven didn't get her answer, which means she'll probably reconnect with Kali so they can do whatever it is they're meant to do. May even find others out there just like them.

Eleven Will Find Dr. Brenner


When Kali and Eleven faced off against one of the men that hurt them, he tried to reason with them by claiming that Dr. Brenner was still alive and he knew where he was hiding. Although Eleven denied it, she also refused to use her abilities to look for him when Kali asked. However, Kali was right when she said Eleven needed to face this at some point. Dr. Brenner will definitely come up again in Season 3, whether he's really alive or dead.

Eleven Will Find More People Like Her

As I mentioned earlier, now that Eleven found Kali, she may find other kids like herself. Kali was number eight, which means there are probably others who came before and after her. Hopefully, the others have been able to survive like Kali and Eleven have.

Eleven May Return To Terry & Becky


Although Hopper has definitely stepped into the father role for Eleven, that birth certificate Dr. Owens gave him is not exactly legit. While Becky didn't seem over the moon with joy at her niece's return, she may not want Eleven looked after by someone who's not family, especially after all her sister went through. Unfortunately, if Becky does attempt to make a case for being the guardian of Eleven, she definitely has the grounds for it. Hopefully, this won't happen though. Eleven and Hopper work well together and shouldn't be separated.

Whatever happens next for Eleven, hopefully she'll able to lead a happy and normal life from here on out. Unfortunately, that's probably just wishful thinking.

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