People Are Seriously Suspicious Of Kris Jenner's Pregnancy Joke On 'Ellen'

During a visit to Ellen Degeneres' show, Kris Jenner managed to carefully dodge some of Ellen's questions about her daughters, Kim, Khloe, and Kylie. Rumor has it all three of the sisters are pregnant, but only Kim's pregnancy has been confirmed. In clips released before the episode aired on Friday, Ellen grilled Kris about the pregnancy rumors, and though Kris stayed mostly mum, she did make some interesting comments that have Kardashian fans buzzing.

In true Ellen style, she managed to make jokes with Kris in such a way that Kris might have let something slip to the talk show host without even meaning to. But Kris is nothing if not a skillful "momager," and she is very careful about what sort of information gets out to the media about her family, and when. So she didn't get too tripped up while speaking with Ellen.

However, when Ellen presented Kris with gifts from her own line of baby items, Kris did make a comment that could fuel some of the rumors about there being more than one Kardashian grandbaby on the way. Ellen included three strollers as gifts, and Kris asked why a cut-out of Khloé was "pushing" one of them. Keep in mind, Khloe has not confirmed her pregnancy, according to E! News.

Then, when Ellen joked that all of the rumored babies would have to sleep in one bed together (since that's all she gifted the family with), Kris said, "One crib?," then added, "maybe they'll have some at the 99-cent store."

Of course, the Kardashians are super rich and would have no need to shop at a dollar store for an extra crib if they needed one. Kris alone has an estimated net worth of around $60 million, according to Money Tips. Khloe is worth approximately $40 million, so if she is in fact having a baby, she can probably afford a pricier crib.

Kylie, by comparison, has an estimated $50-million net worth, mostly thanks to her Kylie Cosmetics line. Basically, if any of the girls besides Kim are also pregnant, a nice crib wouldn't be hard to come by.

But the comment about the crib was not the only thing Kris said during her appearance on Ellen's show that raised some eyebrows.

After she congratulated Kris on Kim's third baby-to-be and Kris' newest grandchild, Ellen talked about a recent Snapchat Khloe made, according to Cosmopolitan. In it, she wrote "that's daddy" over a shot of boyfriend Tristan Thompson, the possible father of her child, according to Glamour.

In response, Kris said that maybe Khloé meant it in more of a "who's your daddy" sort of way. And Ellen certainly spoke for me when she replied, "That's gross, coming from you. That's your daughter."

Daddy comments aside, Kris was a master at not revealing too much to Ellen during her appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show. And Ellen certainly tried. It would have been really easy for Kris to let something slip when faced with those beautiful baby gifts, but she really only made the "one crib" comment, in reference to the possible number of babies the Kardashian crew could be welcoming soon.

In September, sources began to claim that Kylie Jenner is pregnant, and that her boyfriend Travis Scott is the father, according to TMZ. But she has not confirmed the news, E! News reported. So any talk of her pregnancy is still technically just speculation on the part of fans and the media.

As for Khloe's alleged pregnancy, she didn't seem to have much of a bump in some recent photos of herself in a Halloween costume. But her Snapchat — and Kris' comment about it — has certainly kept fans talking, and now they're more confused than ever about whether Khloe is also welcoming a Kardashian bundle of joy in the near future.

When it comes to Kardashian babies, the only thing fans know for sure is that Kim Kardashian West is pregnant via a surrogate, according to CNN.

But other than that, it's anyone's guess whether any of the other Kardashian or Jenner girls are also expecting. And for the most part, Kris is keeping her lips sealed about the rumors, in spite of Ellen's best efforts.

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