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Elliot Rollins Theories On 'Pretty Little Liars' That Could Explain His Involvement

When Pretty Little Liars jumped five years into the future, there were a lot of things that just didn't make sense to fans. While most of us are still trying to understand how Spencer and Caleb ended up hooking up, our biggest question is who is Elliot Rollins? There have been a lot of Elliot Rollins theories on Pretty Little Liars, and by the end of Season 6 it was finally revealed that he is in fact evil and not in love with Alison at all (or if he is, he's got a strange way of showing it). Instead, he really loved Charlotte, also known as CeCe, who is actually Alison's cousin, not sister. Even worse, Elliot is working with Charlotte's mom, Mary Drake, and the two of them have teamed up to take control of Alison's 51 percent share of the Carissimi Group's money.

But how did Elliot get involved with Charlotte in the first place? Did he ever love Alison, or was it all really part of his plan? Could he possibly double cross Mary Drake? Is he related to Wren? When it comes to Elliot Rollins there's still many questions, but PLL fans are on the case. Here's just a few possible theories on why Elliot has shown up in Rosewood and what his end goals may be.

Elliot Rollins Isn't His Real Name

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According to Reddit user MandyBs, in an interview, PLL showrunner, I. Marlene King, suggested that Elliot Rollins isn't Dr. Rollins' real name, referring to him as "the character that we know as Elliot Rollins." Fans in the thread suggest that his last name may actually be Kingston, Wren's last name. Someone also suggested it might be Young, like Bethany. Either way it seems that Elliot may be using a false name to throw the liars off his tail.

Elliot Is Dr. Sullivan's Son


Way back in Season 2, Dr. Sullivan, the liars' therapist and later CeCe's therapist, stopped helping the girls because "A" threatened her unnamed son. Now some fans believe that Elliot is that unnamed son and he's come to Rosewood to get revenge on "A" for messing with his mother. This theory seems a bit far-fetched since during Season 2 it was Mona that was playing as "A." If Elliot really wanted revenge, wouldn't he be going after Mona? Still, anything's possible on PLL, so this theory may pan out in Season 7.

Elliot Is Actually Wren

In the Season 6 finale it was revealed that Elliot has a (creepy) mask that makes him look exactly like Detective Wilden. Fans now believe that Elliot may have used a similar mask to look like Wren, and they are in fact the same person. This would explain Elliot's British accent, why they're both doctors and work in psychiatry, and why Elliot only showed up after Wren left. Whoa!

Elliot Killed Charlotte

There's a lot of different theories on why, but a lot of fans agree that it was actually Elliot that killed Charlotte. Some believe Elliot used a mask that made him look like Wren to trick Charlotte and lead her to her death. Others believe Elliot is just playing Mary Drake and is going to kill her and Ali so that he gets the Carissimi Group money. Either way most fans can agree that Elliot is straight up evil and could have killed Charlotte.