Cersei & Tyrion Get A Lesson In Respect From Elmo — Yes, Elmo

Many times over the years, characters on Game of Thrones have tried to talk sense to Cersei and Tyrion, but they're both so strong-willed that they're pretty much going to do whatever they want to do anyway. Who knew their lifelong rift could be easily mended by a fluffy red puppet? Elmo wants Cersei and Tyrion to respect each other in this Sesame Street and Game of Thrones mashup. And the craziest part is, somehow it works!

Perhaps, like me, you never expected to see kid-friendly Sesame Street crossover with decidedly not-kid-friendly Game of Thrones. But the production values in this clip are so on-point that at first it seems just like a regular episode of the HBO series. Cersei and Tyrion sit together at a table in King's Landing, with her petulantly refusing to make eye contact while Tyrion declares that she can't ignore him forever. He insists he just wants what's best for Westeros, to which Cersei answers, "And I only want for you to not get what you want."

Pretty on brand for the current queen. Tyrion informs her that this is why she doesn't have any friends. It's an especially petty chat, sure, but also not entirely out of the realm of possibility — until sudden movement at the edge of the frame indicates someone new has arrived on the scene.

Elmo arrives in full armor and invites himself to take a seat at the table. To be honest, a sentient puppet in a fur cape is probably mild by Westeros standards; when you've seen dragons and ice zombies, you'll roll with pretty much anything. Tyrion simply asks who their new guest is and, after introductions are made, Elmo gets right to the point. He thinks Cersei and Tyrion need to learn to respect each other. He's not wrong, exactly, but the sentiment still causes Cersei to scoff.

"When Elmo has a problem with his friends, like Abby or Cookie Monster, Elmo doesn't get upset," the puppet trills, while Cersei and Tyrion share bewildered glances. "Elmo listens and learns from what they have to say." This kind of even-handed advice is sorely missing in the world of Westeros, and Tyrion picks up the lesson immediately.

"If we stop fighting and work together, we could be stronger," he says, before telling Cersei that he's willing to learn and listen if she is. But Cersei doesn't look like she's on board. She's likely wondering why the Mountain allowed a talking throw pillow into her private meeting room. But when Elmo presses her to try to listen and learn from what Tyrion is saying, she forces out a reluctant, "I can try."

Elmo thinks that trying is an excellent way to start. They seal the deal with a toast — though Elmo does not partake in what's probably filling Tyrion and Cersei's goblets. He just wants some bread. As the clip concludes, words flash on the screen: "Respect brings us together."

A necessary lesson, but one I'm not sure fits in the context of, say, Tyrion murdering their father and Cersei plotting to betray everyone at literally every turn. But if these two could learn to tone down the violence and listen, this kingdom would certainly be a less brutal place.