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Twitter Is *Here* For Eminem's Savage Freestyle Take Down Of President Trump

Rapper Eminem hasn't exactly hid his dislike of President Donald Trump, but at Tuesday night's BET Hip Hop Awards, the rapper made his opinion crystal clear. In a four-minute segment filmed in a Detroit parking garage, Eminem took down Trump in a savage freestyle, and the social media reaction has been intense — so much so that even Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James offered up tweets in response.

In the four-minute cypher — titled "The Storm," according to The Guardian — the rapper unleashed a tirade of criticism against the POTUS, claiming (among many other things) that Trump is racist, that he's been ignoring the situation in Puerto Rico by continuing his attack on the NFL, and that he's botching the handling of the tense situation in North Korea. But that wasn't all: Eminem also criticized Trump's tax plan, according to CNN, voiced his support for Kaepernick's NFL protests, called Trump out for his treatment of immigrants and for his plans to build a Mexican border wall, and accused the president of disrespecting the military while using veterans as a talking point. And if that weren't already enough to cram into a minutes-long rap, he wrapped it all up with a pretty polarizing ultimatum to his fans: as far as he's concerned, you're either a Trump supporter, or an Eminem fan, but you definitely can't be both. And if you turn on him as a result? Well, he couldn't care less.

Eminem is, of course, far from being the first celeb to publicly condemn the POTUS, but his cypher was definitely blistering, and it's hard to even narrow down the standout lines. Was it when he called Trump a "kamikaze [that will] probably cause a nuclear holocaust?" according to Genius? He also said of Trump, "racism's the only thing he's fantastic for, 'cause that's how he gets his f**king rocks off and he's orange?" (a line that LeBron James couldn't help but applaud):

Then he called him out for contributing to the violent protests in Charlottesville back in August:

From his endorsement of Bannon / Support from the Klansmen / Tiki torches in hand for the soldier that's black / And comes home from Iraq / And is still told to go back to Africa.

The video quickly led to a huge response on Twitter, with many users praising the rapper for not even sort of holding back:

And just generally freaking out about it:

Many also praised Eminem for speaking out in support of Kaepernick and the NFL protests that Trump has taken aim at as being disrespectful — including Kapernick himself. In his verse, Eminem rapped,

Now if you're a black athlete you're a spoiled little brat for / Tryna use your platform or your stature / To try to give those a voice who don't have one ... F*ck that! This is for Colin, ball up a fist! / And keep that sh*t balled like Donald the b*tch!

But, naturally, the rap didn't sit well with everyone. In addition to those who just straight up took issue with the Trump-bashing, others noted that, even if you agree with his position on Trump, Eminem has still said a lot of really problematic things in the past:

While some felt he probably had ulterior motives:

One person who hasn't yet commented on the clip though? President Trump himself — though many are expecting that it's only a matter of time before the Twitter-loving POTUS responds:

Say what you will about Eminem, but it's clear that he definitely touched a nerve with "The Storm." For many, it was a well-deserved skewering of the president, and Eminem deserves all the props for being unafraid to come out and say it. For others, it was uncalled for — or even just opportunistic.

But if nothing else, it definitely speaks to the deep division and outrage that exist over Trump's presidency, and his handling of so many important issues in this country right now. And it's not even sort of a stretch to say that it's a sentiment that won't be dying down anytime soon.

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