Ergobaby's New Harry Potter Line Of Baby Carriers Is Absolute *Magic*

If you've ever wished you could wave your hands and say "wingardium leviosa!" and your child would just float through the air without you having to carry them, then you need the new Ergobaby Harry Potter baby carriers. I mean, I don't think they'll work exactly like that, but some would still say it's downright magical.

Ergobaby will be selling three options to muggle parents (and little muggles) who want to comfort their babies. There is a gorgeous wrap style called the Aura Wrap in "Lumos Maxima" print that retails for $50, and it's a simple fabric baby carrier that parents can wrap their tiny little sorcerer up within. The fabric is blue with an all-over minimalist Harry Potter print, and it works for babies from birth to 25 pounds. There will also be a design in a "Spellbound" print featuring the Deathly Hallows, broomsticks, the Sorting Hat, and house crests.

They also have the Omni 360 carrier in a darker Potter pattern, and it retails for $180. It is as magical a carrier as can exist, and that's without the pattern. It works from babies 7 to 45 pounds without an insert, can be worn on the front or on the back, and the cutouts and fabric are designed for the comfort of the parent and the baby.

The last option is a doll carrier for little ones — in the style of the 360 — and it retails for $25. Tiny witches and tiny wizards with their tiny babies, I can not.

I used an Ergo for my kids, and honestly, it made my life so much easier. I could walk all around the city without ever wondering about their health and safety because I could see them at all times. Plus, they were just so happy and cozy tucked up against me, which made them less fussy overall. Ergobaby's new line of Harry Potter baby carriers is a step up from what I had, and I'm kind of jealous of new parents who get to wear them. They look so comfortable, and all babies, magic or muggle will love it. These items are available for pre-order now and will ship July 27.