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Euron's Gift To Cersei On 'GoT' Has Spawned Countless Theories

In "Dragonstone," Euron Greyjoy arrived at King's Landing as the new ruler of the Iron Islands, ready with an offer for currently reigning queen Cersei Lannister. Euron wanted to join forces with her, preferably through marriage, to murder their rebellious family members. Unfortunately for him, she wasn't all that interested in shackling herself to a medieval pirate in an embellished blazer. After being turned down because he had a habit of killing those closest to him, Euron promised that he would be back with a priceless gift that would change her mind and prove his honest intentions. He didn't specify what that gift would be, so these Euron gift theories on Game of Thrones try to figure it out.

Episode summaries for the first three episodes of Season 7 also contain a reference to Euron's gift for Cersei; in the synopsis for Episode 3, "The Queen's Justice," Cersei apparently returns that gift. That makes it seem like Euron is not successful in winning her over, but perhaps the gift of Episode 3 is only his first attempt. It probably takes longer than three episodes to find something immeasurably priceless. Cersei isn't going to be swayed by any little trinket. Euron's going to have to get really creative. The following fan theories certainly are. For example...

Tyrion Is Priceless

One popular theory is that Euron will deliver the brother who betrayed Cersei, the one she absolutely wants to see destroyed. Having Tyrion as a prisoner again would be a priceless gift to Cersei, but she'd be unlikely to return him. Her end goal would probably be a lot more nefarious.

The Heads Of Her Enemies

Cersei's main concern is doing away with her enemies, so Euron could present her with another of her many foes: perhaps one of the Sand Snakes, who were responsible for the death of Myrcella. Ellaria Sand in particular is a common guess, though trailers for Season 7 have showed her getting very close to Yara Greyjoy; if Ellaria is in proximity to Yara, Dany, and the dragons, then she might be too protected for Euron to snatch.

Gendry Has To Stop Rowing Sometime

But Cersei's enemies don't end with Dorne; Euron has so many possibilities to choose from! Some viewers have speculated that Euron will somehow find Gendry. Euron is a master of the seas, after all, and Gendry has apparently been rowing around in those seas for years now, so perhaps they crossed paths? Gendry is the last living Baratheon and getting rid of him would cross off one more threat to Cersei's throne. That's Mastercard priceless.

A Cornucopia Of Usefulness

In the George R. R. Martin series, Euron says that he is in possession of a horn called Dragonbinder that can control dragons. If he turned up with that, then it would give Cersei a serious edge over Dany since her dragons are her biggest weapon. However, something like that hasn't come up on the show before and might be too neat a solution. Dragons are a problem, and then suddenly a magical dragon-controlling item appears? Way too easy.

Something Shiny

Reddit user Steel69bear thought perhaps Euron could have found something unique in his travels that might tempt Cersei: a Valyrian steel sword called Brightroar that used to belong to the Lannisters. The sword had disappeared with Cersei's Uncle Gerion in Old Valyria, where Euron was also known to have spent some time. It's unexpected but totally plausible.

"When Euron tells Cersei he will bring a gift, his tone and confidence suggests a degree of certainty about this gift, i.e. he knows precisely where it is," Steel69bear wrote. "Given Cersei's ambitions to fill her father's boots, regaining such an ancestral artifact that Tywin failed to acquire would no doubt make her more open to Euron's marriage..."

Can You Gift Wrap That?

Still others have theorized that Euron will cross paths with Dany and take down one of her dragons, which he could then offer up to Cersei (alive or dead). It would be a major blow to Dany and prove to Cersei that Euron was serious, but it's kind of difficult to believe one guy could find a way to take down a massive dragon, especially when it has two siblings and a mom who really wouldn't be happy about it. If Euron managed to kill a dragon, then maybe Cersei should consider his offer. They are the most powerful, and the most priceless.

Getting Cersei on his side won't be easy, so Euron is going to have to find something that will make a serious impact. Any of the people or things on this list would be beneficial to Cersei, but if she returns one of Euron's gifts, she might not wait around to receive another.