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These Euron Greyjoy Memes Will Give ‘GoT’ Fans Life

There were a lot of notable moments from the Season 7 premiere, but one that's really caused a lot of buzz was Euron Greyjoy's new makeover on Game of Thrones. The King of the Iron Islands has adopted a new style this season and it's led to a lot of mixed feelings amongst fans. It's also led to a lot of Euron Greyjoy memes and I must say, they're pretty hilarious.

Last season, Euron was first introduced on the show as a pretty rugged character. He first appeared onscreen when he killed his brother so he could become the new king. He then faced off against his niece and nephew, Yara and Theon, to take the throne from them, even though technically it was Theon's birthright, which he passed off to Yara. Euron obviously couldn't care less who was supposed to be on the throne, which is why Yara and Theon left to team up with Daenerys. Meanwhile, Euron has now decided to align himself with Cersei. (Good luck with that, my friend.)

In the new season, however, Euron looks noticeably different. Not only he did he get a new haircut, but he also switched up his wardrobe for an outfit that could've been worn by someone in the real world. The switch up in clothing is why fans can't stop making jokes about this particular Game of Thrones character. Here are just some of the best ones thus far.

Euron Is Obviously Into Musicals

Everyone goes through their emo phase, right?

He's A Little Late For Eurovision

Presenting Euron of the Iron Islands performing "Robbers" by the 1975.

He Probably Enjoys a Good Brew

Euron definitely looks like someone I'd like to grab a beer with.

Could Euron Be A Jackass?

Euron and Bam Margera are practically twins. Seriously, has anyone seen Bam lately? He's probably in Westeros.

Euron Is One Of The Good-Looking People

Who would win a runway showdown: Zoolander or Euron? Find out on the next episode of Game of Thrones.

He Was Probably In A Rock Band At Some Point

Maybe that's the real reason he stayed away from the Iron Islands for so long. His band was on tour.

Is He The Billy Idol of Westeros?

Euron would make the perfect frontman. He already has the look and attitude down.

Seriously, When Is He Releasing His Rock Album?

I expect "Two Good Hands" to be the lead single.

Euron Is The Poor Man's Joshua Jackson

When did Pacey move to Westeros?

He Shopped In Your Dad's Closet

It's always awkward when you find out you have the same shirt as someone's dad.

Make sure to keep watching Game of Thrones to see more of Euron's interesting new style.