Every Emotional Stage Of Realizing Your Baby Is Officially On The Move


According to psychology experts, there is a very short list of basic human emotions. As in, like... there are under 10 of them. This may be scientific fact (editor's note: it is most definitely scientific fact), but speaking for moms everywhere, I know it's possible to experience more emotions than that in any given hour of life as a parent. So when your baby starts transitioning from a cooing little bundle lounging in the bassinet to rolling, crawling, walking, and full-on sprinting, you can expect your emotions to fly off the charts.

Rest assured, this rollercoaster is a completely normal rite of passage for parents everywhere. Becoming mobile is uncharted territory for both you and your little explorer, and that inevitably comes with all the feels. Because seriously, weren't you just watching them smile for the very first time? Wasn't teething enough of a transition for the time being? Well, ready or not, mama bear, your cub is making moves, and Romper has partnered with Pampers Cruisers to prepare you for that exciting moment. To help curb a bit of the shock, here's what you can expect to feel at every emotional stage of realizing your baby is officially on the move.

1. Total Surprise

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It's always a surprise when your little one reaches their next big milestone, and mobility is one that sneaks up on you one unassuming day. You'll be shocked that it's happening so soon, and caught off guard that you didn't have more time to prepare. Sure, you've read about how to prepare for this moment, but you'll still wonder where the time went — and just how quickly they'll catch on to this whole free-range lifestyle.

2. Over-The-Top Excitement

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When your babe becomes determined to explore the world around them, you'll be excited over their progress and strength. It's that kind of excitement that makes you want to call your mom right away, video conference your best friends, and post all over social media. After all, this is what babies are meant to do! It's a thrilling revelation and a sign of healthy development, and those things are well worth your enthusiasm.

3. Sheer Panic

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The fear will set in when you acknowledge the presence of spills, tumbles, and potential hazards you didn't even realize your home was full of. Yep, it's time to baby proof — both your home, and your baby. You'll scramble to purchase and install the plastic covers that protect your curious little one, and you'll frantically search for a diaper designed to keep up with this twisting, turning, wiggly little wonder baby. Breathe easier by grabbing Pampers Cruisers, trusted by parents everywhere to keep up with active baby bums. Cruisers were designed with moving babies in mind, so your little one stays covered and dry while they run, play, and even tumble during those wobbly early steps.

4. All-Time-High Nostalgia


Now that you can rest assured that your newly minted toddler is cozy, dry, and safely exploring baby-proofed spaces, you'll get to sit back and enjoy the monumental moment. That is, you'll enjoy it until you suddenly realize, as you're watching them discover the world around them, that it felt like just yesterday when you were looking at ultrasound photos and newborn pictures. Where is the time going?!

5. Unparalleled Pride

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Listen, mama: At the end of the day, you helped bring this beautiful, curious, on-the-go baby into the world, and you'll sit back and marvel at that. Because of you and everyone who has loved them along the way so far, they feel safe and strong. They are growing and thriving, and you should most definitely let yourself feel proud!

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