Every Episode Of 'Black Mirror' Ranked To Make Filling That Post-Episode Void A Little Easier

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Choosing the best Black Mirror episode out five seasons and various specials is arguably subjective. One fan’s favorite episode or special might be another fan’s nightmare, depending on the content. But there are some obvious masterpieces among the collection of episodes Black Mirror has produced over the years. So, I have ranked every episode of Black Mirror from the mind boggling to the stomach turning. In other words, these episodes and TV specials from Black Mirror are ranked from good to great.

I don't think there has been a poorly written or executed episode of the show to date. And even if I’m not a huge fan of the robotic dystopian wasteland that is "Metalhead" or how much "The Waldo Moment" goes off track with its message at times, I can still appreciate every single Black Mirror episode for different reasons.

In tackling technological advances and the “what ifs” of the near future or even present day society, Black Mirror caters to the fears and interests of people from all walks of life. "Arkangel" is an amped up version of a parent’s worst nightmare in pushing away their child, while "San Junipero" either comforts or further confuses those who are concerned about the afterlife.

I have seen (and struggled through) every episode of this show, and I can appreciate every one for what it represents. But I still acknowledge that some are better than others. So, without further delay, this is every Black Mirror episode ranked to help you on your next big re-watch.

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