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Everything Donald Trump Has Said About Vaccines Is Silly & Dangerous


Donald Trump isn't exactly known for knowing stuff. He goes with his gut, his feelings. It's what many of his supporters love about him. But when it comes to the health and safety of kids, the GOP nominee for president might want to double-check his facts. Everything Donald Trump has said about vaccines is wrong and perpetuates the anti-vaxxer myth that vaccines cause autism.

Before looking into the litany of claims by Trump, let's first look at what the Centers for Disease control says about vaccines and autism: "There is no link between vaccines and autism."

But that hasn't stopped plenty of parents to say their experience tells them otherwise. And that's created a whole movement of parents who aren't vaccinating their kids, the result of which has been the reemergence of diseases like measles, mumps, whopping cough, and chicken pox, according to TIME. That's especially scary for parents with kids who physically can't take getting immunized due to an autoimmune disease or other illness, like cancer.

Trump is in a unique position to influence the decisions parents make to protect both their children and everyone else's. And none of his comments appear to be based on any specific scientific evidence, just, again, on what he feels is true.

1. Babies Aren't Horses

Here's what Trump said at the CNN Republican Presidential Debate

2. Yet Again, That They're Not Horses

3. Many Cases, But How Many?

4. When Did Doctors Lie Now?

5. He Thinks It's Just "1 Massive Dose"

6. He Says Parents With Autistic Children Thank Him

7. He Has His Own Theory

According to Raw Story, here's what Trump said about vaccines on Fox News in 2012,

8. Trump Says People Who Believe In Vaccines Are "Nay-sayers"

9. And Scientists & Doctors Are Just "Shills"

Basing your medical advice for American parents on "your friend's son" and conspiracy theories is reckless. I hope Trump re-thinks pushing his wild theories until he gets a bit more input from medical experts.