Everything Jinger Duggar Has Shared About Motherhood So Far Is Proof She's So In Love

Fans of TLC's Counting On are probably well-aware of the fact that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are the latest couple to have had their first child. On the heels of Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth welcoming baby Gideon in February, and Kendra and Joseph Duggar welcoming baby Garrett in June, Jinger delivered a baby girl named Felicity in July. Although she's only a few weeks old at this point, little Felicity has already managed to capture the hearts of her family — along with the hearts of fans across the nation. And everything Jinger Duggar has shared about motherhood so far shows she's elated to be a mom.

For those who need a refresher, Jinger is number six in the lineup of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's 19 kids — who originally starred in the hit series 19 Kids & Counting. She and Jeremy tied the knot in November 2016, and announced they were expecting their first child back in January 2018, E! Online reported. After months spent documenting her pregnancy via social media, Jinger delivered a baby girl on July 19, Us Weekly reported. "God is so kind! Jinger gave birth to Felicity Nicole Vuolo this morning at 4:37 am.," the Vuolos wrote on their website. "Felicity weighs 8lbs. and 3oz. and is 19.5 inches long. Both mom and baby are healthy, doing great, and resting well. We are very thankful for her safe arrival and look forward to life as parents!"

Less than a week after Felicity's grand entrance, Jinger spoke with Us Weekly to offer an update on how life with her newborn had been going so far. "It’s been so incredible,” Jinger said of new motherhood. “We can’t stop staring at her adorable little face!” During this same interview, Jinger also gave a shout-out to all of the helpers who had aided in their transition with having baby Felicity at home. Because although the Vuolos reside in Laredo, Texas, Jinger's mom and sister — Michelle Duggar and Jessa Seewald — made the long trek from Arkansas to help with the baby, according to the publication. "I have been so thankful to have so much great help around me, giving me time to rest and recover,” Jinger said at the time.

Jinger and Jeremy eventually introduced her baby girl to fans with a video posted on their website, as People reported on July 30. Not only did fans get glimpse of Felicity in video format, but they also had the opportunity to hear the Vuolos' thoughts on what it's like to be parents. "It's incredible being first-time parents. It's something that you think about and really dream about. But when it's actually here, I think the reality hits you, and it's just the sweetest thing in the whole world," Jinger said in the video. "Just seeing a little bit of both of us in her, it's just absolutely amazing. There are no words to describe how it feels to hold your little one."

Jinger's latest Instagram photo of Felicity — which was posted on Friday — shows the newborn has already been practicing her smiling skills. (Either it's that, or just gas.) And clearly, the new mom is over-the-moon for her sweet, little one. "We are so in love with this little doll!" Jinger captioned the shot.

With all of this in mind, I still think Jinger's sentiments during the two-part birth special sum up new parenthood the best. "There's nothing to describe how it feels," Jinger said, while cradling her newborn in the hospital shortly after delivery. As a mom of three (and one on the way,) I couldn't agree more. Welcoming each child has been completely unique and special. But with my first child was the one who made me a mom, and the whole experience was quite surreal. Like, I made this human — he's part of me and part of my husband — and I'm a parent now. Mind = blown.

So yeah. I definitely feel Jinger when it comes to this whole new motherhood business. And with each milestone that baby Felicity reaches, I'm sure the Vuolos will feel that same sense of, "Holy crap, this is incredible." Because there's nothing quite like new parenthood — and considering everything Jinger has said so far about motherhood, it's clear she's over the moon for her baby girl.