Everything Kellyanne Conway's Outfit Looks Like

While women should never be reduced to their appearance, least of all their fashion choices, the inauguration is making a lot of people super tense. Sometimes focusing on the lighter side of things, stuff that isn't really important in the grander scheme, helps us to get by. When Kellyanne Conway showed up to the inauguration Friday morning, Twitter couldn't help by ask questions about her choice of outfit. In fact, the internet has provided a rundown of everything Kellyanne Conway's outfit looks like, because we're all just trying to get through today.

Social media might not be a fan of Conway's outfit, thinking it somewhat unfashionable, but it's actually the height of fashion: her coat is Gucci, and it cost over $3,000. Still, the maker and the price tag didn't save Conway from endless tweets of scrutiny. Again, attacking a woman for her appearance is never OK, but the harmless, light-hearted, and funny tweets about her outfit were giving people who are frigthened, uneasy, and unsure of the future, some much-needed laughs. While there's very few things I (or millions of other people) would thank Conway for, at least we can tip a cap to her ability to give us some necessary chuckles during a very difficult time.

Twitter have pointed out there are a lot of other things, some patriotic and others not so much, that her coat suspiciously resembles:

A lot of somewhat sobering allusions were made to the period of history known as the American revolution, during which time this country fought for its independence from the British. It also, of course, lead to the formation of the constitution, under which our nation has operated since its inception.

If you look at the Gucci coat's details, the studded buttons on the chest are actually cat heads, which the internet was quick to ascribe some kind of symbolism to (you know, the other name for cats? The thing Trump was recorded saying he would like to grab? You get the idea.)

One of the first comparisons is doubly funny because Paddington Bear isn't even American. He's British. You know, from the country we went to war with over our independence?

Compared to the solid colors worn by Melania Trump, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton, Conway's outfit certainly stood out. While the color scheme (a perfect combination of the red worn by Obama, the blue worn by Melania, and the white pantsuit worn by Clinton) is certainly patriotic, it was certainly interesting choice.

Conway's outfit was kind of a bright spot in an otherwise dark day for a lot of folks on social media. Even after the swearing-in ceremony was over, the Obamas hopped onto a helicopter to head to sunny California, the Bidens got an a train out of D.C., the Clintons headed for somewhere hopefully less stressful than where they spent most of the day and millions of people heard the resounding death-knell of their constitutional rights, at least we all got a charge out of Conway's American Girl doll inspired look.