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Everything 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Know About A.D. So Far


Pretty Little Liars is all about the mystery and since the very first season the question has always been who's torturing the Liars? First, it was Mona, then it was Charlotte, and now it's A.D., also known as Uber A. As Pretty Little Liars comes to a close, show creator I. Marlene King has promised the finale will answer all of fans' questions and A.D. will be revealed once and for all. Until that big reveal, it's best to look back and see everything Pretty Little Liars fans know about A.D. thus far.

Though the show has given fans a lot of red herrings over the years, it's also given us actual clues about who A.D. could be. Almost every episode ends with a little look at what A.D. is up to, which usually provides some insight as to what A.D. plans to do next. Additionally, the Liars themselves are also looking to figure out who's been torturing them and have figured out some things on their own. It's the fans, however, who've really dug up the most clues. PLL fans have basically become detectives over the years and they're very knowledgeable in all things A.D.

Check out what we know about A.D. so far and see if you can guess who it is.

A.D. Created The Board Game

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Whether or not A.D. actually put this game together themselves, it's still their invention. Obviously, A.D. wants the Liars to figure something out, it's just a matter of what.

A.D. Is Working With Jenna & Sydney

After Noel ended up dead, Jenna was taken by A.D. and obviously knows who it is. Similarly, Sydney proved she's working for A.D. when she lured Aria into helping them.

A.D. Wants Charlotte's Killer Found

Though this storyline has seemingly been dropped, A.D.'s first intro into the Liars' lives was making them turn on each other as they tried to figure out who killed Charlotte.

A.D.'s Reveal Will Be Sad

Despite all the terrible things A.D. has done to the Liars, King guarantees the reveal of his or her true identity will be sad. One has to wonder why.

The Actor Playing A.D. Knew Who It Was A While Ago

Earlier this year, King revealed to Hollywood Life that the person playing A.D. "knew a little bit ahead of time to do some research and wrap their brain around that idea." Troian Bellisario, who plays Spencer, has been candid about the fact that she knew who A.D. was before everyone else. Could it be because she plays A.D.?

We've Seen A.D. Before

During an interview with E! News, King revealed A.D. is someone fans have seen before. Though that doesn't really narrow it down, at least fans can rest easy knowing it's not some random character they've never heard of before or were only just introduced to. When the mask comes off, it will be a shocking surprise.

Let's just hope the big reveal manages to live up to our high expectations and ensure that this final season goes out with a bang.