Take An Exclusive Look At 'Absurd Planet,' Netflix's New Show About Nature's Odd Side

While much of what happens in nature can be beautiful and awe-inspiring, there's undoubtedly some parts of animal life that seem, well, just plain weird. Thankfully, there's now a nature documentary that delves into all that is strange, odd and even sometimes downright gross about the world around us, as evidenced by this exclusive clip from Absurd Planet, which hits Netflix on Wednesday.

Most nature documentaries focus on the hardships animals face in the wild, the hunt for food, the challenge of out witting a predator, and even the odd mating dance. But as Absurd Planet will show you, there's a lot of totally strange stuff happening in nature. Take the pearlfish, for example, a thin, eel-shaped fish that prefers to make its home inside the rectum of sea cucumbers. Yup.

As this exclusive clip from Absurd Planet shared with Romper details, pearlfish often opt to live inside invertebrates like the sea cucumber. And because sea cucumbers breathe through what is essentially their butt, pearlfish are able swim right in as the sea cucumber takes in a breath.

You can learn more about why the pearlfish prefers such unconventional digs in Romper's exclusive Absurd Planet clip below. But before you gather the kids and press play, be warned the clip below does contain some potty humor that some parents may not find suitable for young children.

Narrated by Afi Ekulona as "Mother Nature," Absurd Planet takes viewers on a humorous tour of some of Earths' most unique creatures. "LIFE! It looks so wildly different for each of my spectacular animal creations," the character of Mother Nature tells Romper. "From the cute and cuddly, to the prickly and gooey, I am bringing you a parade of curiosities in this series that will delight and just maybe fright!"

Absurd Planet's trailer shows, released on April 20, gives a further peek at the "quirky critters" viewers will get to know in the series.

Season 1 of the 12-part series is expected to hit Netflix on Wednesday, April 22, which is also Earth Day, featuring everything from flying snakes to a butterfly that drinks the tears produced by turtles. While perhaps not always perfectly suited for super young members of the family, Netflix's Absurd Planet will certainly have older members of the family laughing and learning.