An exclusive clip from an upcoming "Arthur" special has your kid's favorite aardvark getting musical...
Photo courtesy of PBS Kids

Get Pumped For An Hour-Long 'Arthur' Special Airing Monday With This Exclusive Clip

by Morgan Brinlee

When winter storms leave your kids stranded inside for days on end, it can be difficult to continue coming up with fun activities for them, let alone things that give them an opportunity to release any pent-up energy. Thankfully, an upcoming hour-long Arthur special is expected to be full of toe-tapping music that's sure to have your children up and dancing out their winter wiggles in front of the TV. Take a peek with this exclusive clip from Arthur shared with Romper, featuring your kid's favorite aardvark getting musical with his cousins during a family reunion.

While most episodes of PBS Kids' Arthur center around the happenings in Arthur's hometown of Elwood City, an upcoming hour-long special airing on Monday, titled "The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur," sees Arthur's family travel to Ohio for a family reunion. With their bags packed, car snacks at the ready, and Arthur's best friend Buster in tow, the Read family heads off to celebrate Great-Grand Uncle Theo's 85th birthday on the Read family farm.

Along with Great-Grand Uncle Theo, viewers get to meet a herd of curious llamas as well as Arthur's aunt and some of his cousins. But when Buster starts to question whether or not he really belongs at the Read family reunion, it's Cousin Miles — and a bit of music — that help him see family is a state of mind and you don't have to be a blood relative to be family.

Check out an exclusive clip from the upcoming episode PBS Kids shared with Romper below.

Based on the children's books written and illustrated by Marc Brown, Arthur is geared at children ages 4 to 8 years old. While the show is certainly fun and entertaining, it also aims to help kids learn positive social skills and problem solving and encourage an interest in reading and writing. What's more, the show has long explored issues that viewers may face in their own lives, providing different perspectives and character-building moral lessons in each engaging story.

You can catch "The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur," PBS Kids' one-hour Arthur special on Monday, Jan. 20 on PBS Kids.