Exclusive 'Bluey' Clip Is Full Of Ideas For Simple Games Your Kids Can Play At Home

If there's one TV character who knows a thing or two about playing pretend, it's Bluey the dog, star of the beloved Australian animated children's show, Bluey. In an exclusive clip of Bluey shared with Romper, you'll see just that and perhaps be inspired to replicate some of the simple ways the canine family entertains themselves while cooped up at home.

Bluey airs on Disney Junior in the United States and is chock-full of fun for the whole family. Along with mom and dad, Bluey, a 6-year-old Blue Heeler puppy, and her 4-year-old little sister Bingo spend their days playing creative games, dressing up in costumes, and joking around with friends in their neighborhood. Adding a layer of reality to the fun, Bluey's parents are often exhausted from work and life overall, but push through the pain and play with their kids.

During these uncertain times of long days spent at home, Bluey is here to get your kids through the inevitable boredom. In a game-play reel clip shared exclusively with Romper, you'll see a few simple games Bluey and her family have played throughout the series that you and your own family can recreate at home with supplies like stuffed animals, chairs, and an inflated balloon

For example, you can introduce your kids to "Zoo," which requires a fun zookeeper's hat, stuffed animals, a banana to feed to whoever is playing the gorilla, and a "fancy accent" to really kick things up a notch. Or go on an imaginary taxi ride through town by using chairs from the kitchen and using a basket as a pretend trunk. Use phrases like, "Oh, a customer!" or "Can I put that stroller in the boot for you?" to make it extra realistic. Or, blow up a few balloons and don't let them touch the ground for a game of Keepy Uppy — as Bluey recommends, you'll needs lots of energy for this game.

Along with a few games included in this clip, the official Bluey website is also offering a variety of free resources for imagination-powered activities including DIY activities, online games, and video clips from the show. If you're looking to your kids active and engaged, consider including Bluey in your new routine. Fun guaranteed.