Take An Exclusive Look At A New 'Cyberchase' Episode Featuring Chef Marcus Samuelsson

Cyberchase on PBS Kids has been entertaining and educating inquisitive kids since 2002 and a brand new episode featuring a renowned chef has a fun new lesson in store. In an exclusive clip shared with Romper ahead of its premiere next week, chef Marcus Samuelsson cooks up a Cyberchase dish using local ingredients and shows kids how they can practice their math skills in the kitchen, too.

In the upcoming episode, "Cyberchase: Journey of a Thousand Food Miles," airing on May 8, Samuelsson, who's appeared on Chopped and No Passport Required and is the head chef at Red Rooster in New York, brings Pear Paradise, a dessert eaten in the animated show, to life.

In the upcoming episode, Digit, voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, is challenged with making the dish when Castleblanca's most famous food critic, Bone Appetit, comes to his restaurant. Digit had planned to make his famous Cherry Supreme dessert, but their local grocery store was totally out of cherries, so he had to get creative. Throughout the journey to make Pear Paradise, the CyberSquad learns why shopping local is better for the environment and their community by using basic math to track how far food travels to make it to a plate in a restaurant.

But Pear Paradise — made with spices, pastry cream, and pears from a local farm — isn't just for animated characters like Digit and Bone Appetit. With Samuelsson's help in a live-action segment of the episode, you can make Pear Paradise at home, too. "Teaching kids how delicious it is to use fresh, local ingredients in the dishes they eat is so important, and fun," Samuelsson tells Romper. "Cyberchase is a great way to get kids thinking about where food comes from and how buying local helps the entire community."

Not only does the episode teach about the benefits of buying local, but Samuelsson also poses a practical math question your little ones can help solve.

Check out the full episode of Cyberchase: Journey of a Thousand Food Miles on Friday, May 8 on PBS Kids.