Courtesy of Casey Suglia

Facebook's Newsfeed Update Is Genius For This Reason

Facebook has been killing it with the updates. Earlier this month, the top social media site debuted their own universal emojis that now feature women in a variety of diverse roles and make communicating with emojis easier than ever. But this week, Facebook has been testing a new feature that will make the website — and your timeline even better. In fact, Facebook's newsfeed update is downright genius.

Why exactly is it genius? Because it makes your Timeline look clean but still lets you post whatever you want and still have people see it. You can capture your emotions and feelings on a subject — and still have friends interact with the content — but the post won't be there every time you go back to your profile. For the first time ever, Facebook is allowing users to directly post content to the News Feed (your homepage where everyone's posts are fed in to) without it posting to your Timeline (your own Facebook profile) at the same time.

Now, when you go to type a post, Facebook allows the option for users to click a little box specifying whether or not they want their post to show up on their profiles. However, if you want to go back and hide it from your Timeline later, the option exists as well.

I can think of a thousand ways as to why this newsfeed update is so great. For me, my Timeline is a representation of how I keep in touch with old teachers, professors, family members and childhood friends. Therefore, I often reserve my own Timeline for career updates, accomplishments, and sharing stories I feel passionate about. But on my newsfeed, I go crazy, commenting on and liking everyone else's posts. This new feature will definitely come in handy for people like myself who want to say things but don't want the record of it being on their Timeline for all of their long lost relatives and kindergarten classmates to see.

This new feature has been drawing parallels to Snapchat where all content posted to your story is deleted within 24 hours. But on Facebook the posts won't be deleted; they'll only exist on your News Feed or through search. So if you post a link to an article and a friend comments on it, you can continue your conversation on the post well after the post gets lost amongst stories on your News Feed.

"We've heard feedback that sometimes, you may want to share a post with friends and family and not have that post be displayed on your Timeline. The ability to hide a post from your Timeline already exists, and today we're testing a feature that would make it even easier to control where your posts live..." a spokesperson for Facebook told Business Insider.

According to The Telegraph this change reflects that people are not visiting each other's profile pages but getting content through their News Feed instead. This change also encourages Facebook users to be more in the moment and post more relevant content, like Twitter, without the lasting mark of the post staying on your profile forever.

I believe this new feature will be incredibly handy for quick posts and shares making your Timeline look better than it ever has before.