These Pics Of Christina Aguilera & Other Iconic Musicians With Their Kids Are Epic

The legacies live on. The only thing more absolutely fascinating than watching a musician you love evolve in their work and their personal life (especially when their career carries on for years, if not decades) is watching their progeny do the same. There's no question that when it comes to celeb kids, the world can't get enough. That's why it's so exciting to see these famous musicians and their kids pose in the latest Harper's Bazaar issue. This fall, the magazine is releasing a feature which they are calling the "first families of music."

People reported on Thursday that the magazine released a first look at the fall issue on their website. The cover features Kanye West holding North and Saint West, dressed in their own clothes and, for those looking closely, North's adorable little knee bandaid. Inside the issue are black-and-white photos of other iconic musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, Christina Aguilera, and Erykah Badu.

In the preview, each of the musicians was quoted talking about their kids. It's yet to be seen whether or not there will be more expansive interviews included. “I love being mama bear and providing support, strength, and a safe haven to my babies and loved ones, knowing that, above all else, it’s the most important job I have," said Aguilera. "I hope my children never lose their confidence to society," said West.

Each year, Harper's releases an "Icons" issue in September, HypeBeast reported. Fashion director Caroline Roitfeld told WWD that their choice to do a family-themed issue stemmed largely from her just wanting to meet those closest to some of the most iconic musicians of all time. She said:

I’m a very family-oriented person, so I wanted to meet the families of some of my biggest music idols… It was very amazing to see that some of the industry’s most groundbreaking rock stats have a sense of tenderness with their loved ones, even if they are adults.

Of course, this is not the first time that these musicians have spoken out about what their lives are really like behind-the-scenes. Back in 2013, when West was featured on the cover of Vogue with his wife, Kim Kardashian West, Parents reported he told the magazine: "I'm so, so, so, so happy. And I'm happy for the normal reasons to be happy. Because I married the woman of my dreams and I have a beautiful daughter and so many beautiful people around me... I have a son on the way."

Aguilera, who is featured in the issue with her son Max and daughter Summer, has previously said that she's trying to teach her daughter to use her voice... literally. "I want her to know that she always has a voice, that she should never be afraid to speak her mind and that her opinion is valid," Aguilera told E! News in 2015. "And I want her to know and feel more than anything that love surrounds her."

Bruce Springsteen, who was featured in the Harper's issue with daughter Jessica Rae Springsteen, told the magazine: “My best advice to my daughter: Keep your focus on what you really care about.” Lionel and Nicole Richie are also in the lineup, as Lionel said: “I wish for my kids to discover who they are and explore their passions to the fullest.” Finally, Keith Richard's daughters Theodora and Alexandra are in the issue as well. They told the magazine: "With everyone’s crazy lives, it makes for great stories around the fireplace. Music, dancing, and laughter fill our home, and we make it so we’re never apart for too long."

It's a super sweet issue featuring the less seen side of the century's most iconic musicians, and will be on newsstands in the coming weeks.