Fans *Really* Think This Could Be How Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Rumored Pregnancy

For months, Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors have flooded the internet and fans are desperate to know whether or not she's actually having a baby. And now — thanks to a teaser for Keeping Up With the Kardashians — fans are totally convinced Kylie Jenner will reveal her rumored pregnancy on the next episode of the hit reality show.

If Kylie does reveal that she's pregnant on KUWTK, all of the rumors and speculation could finally be put to rest. Her sisters Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian have either announced or addressed their pregnancies on the show, so why wouldn't Kylie, right? On the other hand, Kylie has been shying away from the spotlight in recent months and has barely appeared on the show this season.

So, what's the likeliness that Kylie will be announcing her rumored pregnancy with Travis Scott on KUWTK? According to W Magazine, because of the two-night KUWTK event this coming Sunday and Monday, the extra Monday night episode may be for a big reason.

In the below promo clip for the two-night event, the video starts off with Khloé's gaping mouth as she appears to be surprised. A voice-over then says that the two episodes will be "full of Kardashian surprises." There is also footage of some kind of announcement, but what is it?

In the above video, Kourtney, Malika Haqq and others are shown screaming, "What?", while mom Kris Jenner covers her mouth in surprise. Kourtney also gushes, "Oh my God!," with a huge smile.

Since the clip was released, fans are filling up social media with their predictions for the episode and are crossing their fingers that Kylie will say, "I'm pregnant."

Fans took to the clip on YouTube to share their predictions for the episode. "Just confirmed that Kylie’s pregnant," one viewer commented. Another fan speculated that "maybe it's both Kylie Jenners [sic] and Khloe Kardashians [sic] pregnancy announcement." And yet another chimed in, "Kylie's pregnant its offical [sic]!!!"

Even more fans took to Twitter to share how they also think a KUWTK reveal could be a possibility.

Monday night's episode of KUWTK is titled "Bun in the Oven" and the plot description via Xfinity's television guide states that Khloé has some big news to share with her family. It also says that Kris' strained relationship with her longtime beau Corey Gamble almost overshadows the "big reveal". But, from the description, it looks like the big news comes from Khloé and not her sister Kylie.

While there's always a possibility, Kylie is not present for the announcement, but she is shown on FaceTime with big sis when this "reveal" takes place. In the video clip, Kylie appears to be in bed. Perhaps she is on bed rest for her rumored pregnancy? Or perhaps she's simply out of town and couldn't attend the party? Or just maybe during the FaceTime chat, Kylie will chime in during her sister's announcement and talk about how she's pregnant, too. We can dream, right? Fans certainly hope so.

This latest theory only adds fuel to the fire after Khloe appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the host herself put her on the spot by straight up asking her if Kylie was pregnant. Khloe tried to keep her cool, but appeared to be a little nervous, although she neither confirmed nor denied the allegations that Kylie is expecting. At the end of the exchange, DeGeneres said to the audience that she could tell Kylie is pregnant just by looking at Khloé's eyes.

But, just for fun, let's talk about the "what ifs" right now. What if Kylie does reveal her reported pregnancy on KUWTK? Will our thirsts finally be quenched or will paparazzi and fans have their eyes on Kylie more than ever? And at this point, fans are just looking for any sort of answer and can only hope that this next episode of KUWTK will put us all out of our misery by answering this one lingering pregnancy rumor once and for all.

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