Fans Think Jeremy Vuolo Is Writing A Book About His Life With Jinger, Thanks To These Clues

There may be a new bestseller on its way, and at the center of it: two of America's reality TV sweethearts. Fans think that Jeremy Vuolo is writing a book about his life with Jinger Duggar because of a photo that he posted to Instagram. The couple has yet to confirm or deny the possibility of a book, but I for one would love to read all about how their special love unfolded.

The photo in question was posted on April 28 and is of a word document showing the name "Jinger" highlighted as a misspell, according to In Touch Weekly. There are a list of alternative names being offered by the program including "Jigger, Ginger, Inger, Binger, and Finger." Vuolo responded to the corrections in his caption for the photo: "Quite frankly, I’ve had enough of Microsoft Office’s discrimination against my wife’s name," he wrote. "I’m taking this fight all the way to Merriam-Webster’s doorstep if I have to!"

Duggar's sister Jessa Seewald chimed in and commented, "Haha! 'Inger' was actually one of her childhood nicknames!" But the names weren't the only thing that inspired comments; many people were also interested in the narrative that Vuolo seemed to be spinning.

"Before Jinger and I were married, I dreaded those times when we had to say, 'Goodbye,'" he wrote. No other details of the document are shown in the photo and Vuolo didn't elaborate on his project. But that hasn't stopped his followers from speculating. "OMG Are you writing a book?!?!?!" one fan wrote. Another echoed the question saying, "Are you writing a book about you and Jinger??" Another said, "Please tell me you're writing a book!"

A love story does seem like a likely possibility, but it isn't the only one. Vuolo is a pastor by profession, so he probably spends a lot of his time writing sermons. This could simply be the beginning of one focused on him and Duggar, marriage, or any other number of topics. But, then again, Duggar posted a photo of her own on the same day that was of a book: a dating advice book entitled, She’s Got the Wrong Guy: Why Smart Women Settle. She explained in her caption that she and Vuolo had read it together recently. Coincidence?

If Vuolo did decide to write up an autobiographical love story of him and Duggar, it would be an interesting read. He first met Duggar in 2015 while she was on a trip to San Antonio with her sister Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald, according to another article by In Touch Weekly. The family reflected on that meeting on a recent episode of Counting On. As Ben explained it:

San Antonio is a very special place for Jinger and Jeremy because that's where we first met Jeremy and that’s kind of what got everything going. Me and Jessa were planning to meet up with her family for a little family vacation, but we got into town first...So I called up a friend of mine that lived there. He was at work, but he said, 'Hey, there's some people from our church having some pizza over at a friend's house."

As you can probably guess, that friend was Vuolo and the rest was history. Jessa said in the episode that she never had any doubt that Jinger would be taken by her future husband:

I remember what you were wearing that night because Jinger told me that she loved this certain kind of sweater and then you were wearing that sweater. And so I thought, 'Oh, Jinger would really like this guy's style.'

Vuolo and Jinger announced their courtship in late August 2016, with Jinger saying, "Jeremy Vuolo is my best friend from Laredo, Texas, and he recently asked me if I would enter into an official courtship with him," according to Us Magazine. They do say that all great romances start as friendships and it sounds like that's true in this case!

Fast forward a couple of years and the couple is happily married with a little baby girl on the way this summer. With all of the exciting new developments in their life, Vuolo would have no shortage of material for a book! I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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