10 Awesome Halloween Costumes For Dads & Daughters — There's Nothing Sweeter

There's really nothing cuter than seeing a dad out trick-or-treating with his daughter on Halloween, especially when they're wearing coordinated costumes. That's why I rounded up some father and daughter Halloween costume ideas that are so cute and clever, your whole neighborhood will be cheering them on — not to mention giving them loads of candy.

Last year, when I was handing out candy at the door, I was so impressed by just how many fathers went all out for the holiday. I saw dads dressed as superheroes, dinosaurs, and classic movie characters. I even saw one dad dressed as Waldo from Where's Waldo, carrying his baby who was also wearing a Waldo outfit. It was adorable, and I'm sure people throughout the neighborhood had fun "spotting" them.

Halloween is all about dressing up and channeling different personas. That's why the 10 costume ideas below pull inspiration from everything from beloved kids' movies and cartoons to classic '80s movies to pop culture references. One thing's for sure, your little lady will think it's super special to get to dress up with dad. And I bet that Dad will think it's pretty special, too. Plus, all of these looks will be monster hits on social media!


Moana & Maui

If your daughter loves the movie Moana, she can dress up like the female hero and her dad can dress up like the tattoo-laden Maui ($10+, Halloween Fast). You can even give them a prop rooster that looks like Hei Hei ($17, Target) to round out the ensemble.


Peppa Pig & Daddy Pig

If your daughter is as obsessed with the Peppa Pig cartoon as mine is, she'll love dressing up with her dad to look like sweet Peppa ($25, Target) and Daddy Pig ($36, Google Express). Don't forget the black glasses and snort sound effects, too.


Wonder Woman & Super Man/Bat Man

Dressing up like a superhero is always a winning idea. This year, your daughter can be Wonder Woman ($23, Google Express) and her dad can either be Superman ($44, Google Express) or Batman ($50, Google Express). Together, they'll make one incredible duo.


Elsa/Anna & Olaf

If your daughter is still in a big Frozen phase, she can dress up as Elsa or Anna (you know she already has the dress on!), and your husband can be lovable Olaf ($40, Party City). Their coordinated ensemble is sure to melt people's hearts.



It's time to chant, "Who Ya Gonna Call!" Your daughter can dress like one of the lady Ghostbusters ($20, from the 2016 movie version of the classic film, and her dad can channel Bill Murray from the original Ghostbusters movie.


Danica Patrick & Fellow Racer

If your daughter is a speed demon, she'll have fun dressing up like race car driver Danica Patrick ($30, Melissa & Doug) and her dad can be another fierce racer ($40, Google Express). Together they'll whiz around the neighborhood getting all the best candy!


Katy Perry & Shark

This reference is a little old now, but no less funny. When Katie Perry performed at the Super Bowl in 2015, she shared the stage with one memorable, meme-spawning "Left Shark." Your little lady could dress like a beach-ball clad Katy Perry ($25, Alex & Alexa) and her dad can be that free-styling left shark ($60, William Shop).


Owen & Dino from 'Jurassic World'

If your daughter loves dinos, you know what movie you need to reference: Jurassic World. She can dress up like a ferocious T-Rex ($39, Google Express) and your husband can dress as Owen (aka Chris Pratt's smoking hot character.) For Owen's look, your partner could find a leather vest, or go all out with a full Owen costume ($37, Google Express).


Christopher Robin & Winnie the Pooh

The new Winnie-the-Pooh movie, Christopher Robin, is making a whole new generation fall in love with all those precious Pooh characters. Your daughter can dress like the honey-loving Pooh ($30, Party City) and her dad can dress like Christopher Robin, either the little boy version, or Ewan McGregor's grown-up version from the movie. Just find a trench coat and hat from your local thrift store for that!


Miss Piggy & Kermit

There's really no cuter pair than Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. It's up to your daughter if she wants to dress up as the frog ($20, eBay) or the pig ($35, Amazon), but a dad dressed as Miss Piggy ($50, could really steal the show.