Feminist Apparel To Wear For Women's History Month

Sometimes celebrating just feels better when you have an outfit to match. Like rocking a rad costume on Halloween or donning some sparkly sequin pants for New Year's Eve, putting together an ensemble of feminist apparel to wear during Women's History Month just seems to make sense. Unlike other special occasions that last just one day, you have an entire month to rock all manner of cool pro-women looks, so why not stock up on awesome tees, dresses, and sweatshirts so you have a piece for every mood? (High-five to feminist fashion for providing so many amazing options.)

Forget the handmade shirts of yesteryear with "Girl Power" scrolled in puffy paint across a solid white men's undershirt. These days feminist clothing is stylish, diverse, and meaningful — which means you can own your sexuality while feeling hella hot in that tank top, but also make it clear that your body is no object. Although there is no wrong time of year to wear your fave feminist apparel, Women's History Month is a great opportunity to make a statement. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a simple t shirt with a killer phrase does the trick. Start here to get some inspiration for your woman power look.


Pizza Rolls Not Gender Rolls Shirt

Crush the patriarchal paradigm and profess your love of the almighty slice with one shirt. This pizza rolls not gender rolls shirt ($12) pairs as perfectly with a stroll through the bookstore as it does with a protest.


Equality Tee

Simple and stylish, yet still making a statement, this Equality silver foil tee ($24) from the feminist clothing retailer, My Sister, is a sweatshop-free garment, handprinted in the United States.


Wild Feminist Shirt

Like the shirt maker, Wild Fang, proclaimed on their website, "we stand taller when we stand together." Show your wild side with this wild feminist top ($40), which cuts right to the chase.


Girl Power Dress

Keep is casual with this loose midi girl power dress ($60). Perfect to wear on any weekend (Women's History Month and beyond).


Leslie Knope Sweatshirt

All hail, Queen Leslie. Rock out, Knope-style with this comfy Leslie Knope sweatshirt ($45). Perfect to wear when eating waffles, celebrating Galentine's Day, and smashing the patriarchy.


Purrsist Shirt

This "Nervertheless She Purrsisted" shirt ($26) shows that you fight for what's right while having a sense of humor. Customize this design by choosing from 17 different shirt styles and 18 different color options.


Power Undies

Feel the message all the way down to your skivvies. Sport these "Power To The Pantsuit" underwear ($10) any time you need an extra boost of awesome in your daily ensemble.


R.B.G. Tank

Pay homage to the Patron Saint of Dissent while looking fly in this Notorious R.B.G. tank top ($22). You can't go wrong with a classic tank with a classy lady on the front.


Feminist Unicorn Tank

Embrace the magic of the unicorn when sporting this "Trample The Patriarchy" tank ($24). Who knows? You may discover your own mystical powers and use them to influence equality.


Fight Like A Girl

You know you have a lot of fight in you, so show them how you do you. Pull on this "Fight Like A Grrrl" tee ($15) and go down swinging.


Uterus Hat

What feminist ensemble would be complete without a uterus hat? Also known as the p*ssy hat, the adult cat hat ($23), comes in a variety of colors and not only makes a statement, but keeps your head toasty.