Your Kids Are About To Start Begging For The Cute New Fingerlings Giraffes

The Fingerlings family is officially growing. These adorable creatures, only a little bigger than your finger, have become a craze in the toy world. The collection, which already includes monkeys, sloths, unicorns, and dragons, is constantly expanding, and maker WowWee USA, Inc. recently introduced a brand new animal to the mix: Fingerlings giraffes. They're bound to start flying off the shelves as quickly as their marsupial counterparts.

These tiny toys that provide "friendship @ your fingertips" have had a good year. Fingerlings were named "Toy of the Year" at the 2018 Toy of the Year Awards, and many parents experienced the stress of trying to secure one of these hot commodities last Christmas. According to CNBC, 28-year-old creator Sydney Wiseman came up with the idea for these finger-hugging toys after viewing a viral video of a tiny baby monkey doing just that. It took 18 months for Wiseman's vision to come to life, and it was well worth the wait. Fingerlings are interactive, miniature robots, responding to sounds, movement, and various touches. The two newest Fingerlings, giraffes named Meadow and Lil' G, come with a variety of exciting features sounds, and are available in both the standard Fingerlings size and a mini version.

Meadow is the pink Fingerlings giraffe, and Lil' G is her blue brother. A Fingerlings representative tells Romper that both giraffes will "surprise you with interactive responses that are sweet, fun, and silly!" When you give affection to Meadow and Lil' G, they'll respond with "happy giraffe sounds." Blow them a kiss, and they will respond by blowing you a kiss back. Rock them gently, and they'll fall asleep on the spot. If you get multiple Fingerlings in a room together, they'll even clap and sing with each other. Like their predecessors, the Fingerlings giraffes have plenty of reactions, sounds, and movements to show you, and the more you play with them, the more you'll discover. Check out this video from WowWee to get a better idea of how the Fingerlings toys play and respond.

It's clear that these small toys are cute, but why exactly are kids so crazy about them? Anne Marie Kehoe, Walmart's Vice President of Toys, knew Fingerlings would be a popular toy from the begining. In an interview cited by The New York Times, Kehoe explained why. "This monkey creates an emotional connection right in front of your face,” Kehoe said. Older generations who experienced the Furby and Tamagotchi crazes of the late '90s and early 2000s can relate. How can you not adore a toy when it feels more like a beloved pet? Another plus? With the extremely reasonable price tag of $15, you really can't go wrong.

Like the original Fingerlings, both Meadow and Lil' G are selling for $14.99, and they're available exclusively in store at Kohl's. "Mini Meadow" and "Mini Lil' G," who are part of the miniature Fingerlings Series 2 collection, are both available in store at Walmart. Though these minis don't have the same animatronic features, there are plenty of other ways to play. Create a chain of mini Fingerlings by linking them together by their tails, or hang them from a bracelet for a Fingerlings fashion statement.

I wouldn't waste too much time before picking up Meadow or Lil' G from your local Kohls. According to The New York Times, these $15 toys sold out virtually everywhere last Christmas, and parents were resorting to Ebay or Amazon — where Fingerlings were being resold for double or triple their original price. One thing is for certain: the Fingerlings craze, whether you understand it or not, is still going strong.