Firefighters Share Heartwarming Story Behind Getting Manicures From A Toddler

Firefighters wear many different hats, but getting manicures from a toddler typically isn't included in the job description. Yet that's exactly what happened earlier this month in Utah when firefighters calmed a toddler at an accident scene by letting her paint their nails. Not only are the pictures incredibly cute, but it goes to show how transformative going above and beyond the call of duty can be.

Car accidents can be scary for anyone, especially for a toddler who has no clue what is happening or going on. It's understandable for there to be some sort of fear involved, even if no one ends up getting hurt. But two firemen in Utah were able to calm down a little girl after she got into a car accident just by being lovely humans (and letting her paint their nails).

Two firemen — North Davis Fire District Chief Allen Hadley and Captain Kevin Lloyd — responded to an accident in Clearfield, Utah, earlier this month where they found 2-year-old Braelyn Fernelius "screaming and crying" in the backseat while clutching bottles of nail polish (she was en route to paint nails with grandma before the crash), according to FOX 13 Now. The two men (who are also fathers, according to the Associated Press) were able to get her to eventually relax by asking her about her nail polish to find "something common" to talk about, according to FOX 13 Now. And somehow, the two ended up getting manicures in the process.

Courtesy of North Davis Fire District

North Davis Fire District's Facebook page revealed that "within minutes" Braelyn was "calmly paining their nails and had forgotten about the accident she had just experienced." Aww.

"A lot of the colors she wanted was pink and purple," Hadley told FOX News 13 about Braelyn's manicurist skills. "But, I kind of got the feeling she wanted to keep my hand pink and his purple."

The two firemen shared photos of their manicures in a Facebook post that has since gone viral because of their kindness. As of Sunday, the post has 22,000 reactions and almost 1,000 comments from people praising the officers for their hard work and compassion.

"Tough enough to wear purple and not care," one Facebook user wrote. "Thank you for taking the time."

"Awesome!" another Facebook user wrote. "Thanks so much for your kindness and compassion. It's men like you that make me love and respect firefighters all over our country. Stay safe out there."

Facebook users aren't the only people grateful for Hadley and Lloyd — Braelyn and her mom, Jocelyn Fernelius (who is currently pregnant, according to TODAY), were grateful for them, too. "It meant a lot," Jocelyn said. "It just made me feel good, and they care."

As it turns out, Braelyn is on a "nail painting spree" following the incident, according to Daily Dispatch, but this was the first time she's ever painted someone's nails. And although she might have colored a little bit outside the lines, she did a fantastic job with their manicures. Practice makes perfect, after all, so Braelyn will be nailing those manicures in no time.

The best part about this story? No one was "seriously hurt" in the car accident, according to CNN, and Braelyn has been happily painting nails ever since. How sweet is that?